Monday 11 July 2011

Its all about money, honey!

Gold coins unearthed from Lord Padmanabaswamy Temple
Our entire nation is going gaga over two incidents- one our own Lord Padmanabaswamy of Thiruvananthapuram and shooting of thirteen year old Dilshan.  The fascination surrounding the unearthing of Lord Padmanabaswamy's bounty keeps burgeoning day by day. As vault after vault is opened, Mittals and Ambanis are losing their sleep over how a tiny deity in a dilapidated temple could hide thousands of crores worth treasure for centuries! Ah! Mallus and their fascination for gold is reasserted once again to the whole wide world! ( Mallus please excuse this comment from a Pandee!)

Lord Padmanabaswamy, Thiruvananthapuram

The assets unearthed so far from Padmanabaswamy's secret vaults reads 500,000 crores today with one more vault to go. Poor Lord! Now that his assets will be valued, slowly pilfered and scratched, we will never hear of it in a few more days. We, the Indian public, have mastered the art of forgetting anything that is of national importance. See, we already forgot about the crores and crores booted out from Shri Sathya Sai Baba's abode. Anyone ever heard of it again??? The best part of Lord Paddy's episode is the staunch refusal of the Travancore Royal Family to stake claim to the treasure unearthed. Promptly called Padmanaba Dasas, the current scions of Travancore Royal Family have expressed their desire to safe keep the treasure in the temple itself, close to their own Padmanabaswamy. Wishful thinking- Can we pay back our World Bank loans with this treasure?

Dilshan, 13, shot dead by retd Lt Col. K Ramaraj
And how does it feel when you come to know a thirteen year old boy shot dead for plucking almonds from a tree in Army enclave?  Dilshan and his friends plucked almonds from trees inside Army Officer's Enclave. Retd Lt Col Kandasamy Ramaraj, who considered the boys a nuisance in the peaceful Army area, shot him dead. Simple, cold blooded murder of a thirteen year old boy, who wanted to just pluck some almonds. And to think people mature with age....*sigh* And again, the retd Lt Col will fade away from limelight in a few more days.

What irks me is the contrast of our society- a deity that owns tens of thousand crores of gold and an innocent thirteen year old shot dead for a few worthless almonds...To Hell with equality in society and all are God's own children. East or West, Lord Paddy is the BEST! Its all about money, honey!!!


  1. Nivedita Kerala is not called God's own Country for nothing!!! But jokes apart, there needs to be someone who takes cognizance of all this and decided what to do with the money and treasure unearthed. About Dilshan I can only say that India is becoming more and more like the US where people own guns and shoot anything that moves!!!

  2. shot him dead???,,,UURRHHHH!.. why do we have animals in human skins?? may his soul rest in peace & the infidel who shot him to be killed also! mschewww!

    As for the deity, am always curious about indian gods & many of them! Now are we talking of millions here?..crores.

    Nigerians too als have short memory! We forget national tragedies easily becox of poverty!

  3. First Talk of Dilshan
    1.The incident clearly taught ppl of country not to go for MILITARY driven rule and had shown us How Military wll Behave wit common man(CIVILIANS). but if u rem EELATHAMILAR for tat i cant help u/.

    2.Yday i had been to a Marrige .. where 75% of food served over The leaf will sure b a waste. i checked wit the catering contractor, who said he brought all those (pookari, thottakkar etc).. as he could nt get prof caterers as its a heavy muhurtham day.Imagine how many ppls food could hav been wasted.

    3.Why i say this is our country's prob is lack of "OPTIMUM UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES " and "OPTIMUM UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES" .. not availability of wealth.

    4.Coming to Lord Paddu... we ll talk later

  4. You are absolutely right.. and the valuation is 1500,000... yes the money will be in the name of some political ppl in swiss..

    I don't want to speak about Dil.. Only tears..

    Someone is Special

  5. The wealth should be utilised for greater good. How ,in what manner and by which institution I am unable to say.But I am certain that it shd not fall in the hands of politicos even indirectly.

    Dilshan case was an aberration by a retired army man much like killing in road rage or in a brawl in liquorshop.Military has nothing to do with it.He will no doubt pay for his misdeed.

  6. The irony of life! or maybe its the society we live in.

  7. God isn't fed up of us yet, he hasn't lost hope in humanity.
    It's us, who have lost nerves and patience. Or why would such heinous crimes happen.

    And as for the treasures, may the lord guard it well now. He successfully hid it from oppressors and invaders, lets see if He can protect it from the looters of His own house, our country.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. is like that...

  9. Meera- yes, India is following US footsteps in gun culture:(((

    Dear Ibhade- it is really hurting to hear of such incidents.

    Dear Anonymous, we never follow optimum utilisation of resources. What we do is maximum exploitation of available resources:(((

  10. Dear SiS, Dilshan episode is really sad and as for the gold treasures, we will never get to see them again, i guess...

    Dear KP, ex armyman who murdered the little boy will sure be behind the bars for many more years. But regarding Lord Paddy's wealth, i am sure it will fall into unscrupulous hands:(

    Dear redhanded, agreed- our society is so maniacal...

  11. Dear Blasphemous Aesthete, Lord has to save His own treasure from now on:P And as for the shooting incident, it shows how irresponsible people have become these days...

    Dear Thinking, agreed with you 100%

  12. What is irritating is that all this are only temporary news meant to create a hungama by the news channel, and after few days you don't hear anything about issues which were very seriously discussed by a panel of experts on all these news channels. Why?
    I can't understand, why they can't keep following the stories and tell us what has been done or not been done.
    Every issue is just left in the middle, as if after the initial shock and sensation, people have forgotten about these issues.
    We all want to know more , but the media is not doing its duty properly. I think it is the same story all over the world.

  13. Loved how you brought out the contrasts. God owns this country yet shows no mercy to it's children.

  14. Afterall Kerala is one place where money pours inn in the name of God..
    yups we should consider the fact of clearing te debts of the world bank
    This is one Temple where the income is not allowed to be used by govt..else in case of rest all temples..the mone goes into the govt treasury..

    SPEAKING ABOUT DILSHAN...the one case in which I lost the respect for Indian army officials

  15. You are exactly right Rama. The fourth pillar is not performing its duties properly as are the others in India. The press is more interested in scoop news rather than bringing out the full story to lime light...

    Purba- I do seriously doubt that....Does He own this country torn apart by terrorism?

    Dear Mumbai Madrasi, i too think on the same lines when it comes to temple's wealth. Had it been Government run, we know where all the gold and diamonds would have gone by now:P

  16. hi nive..reg dilshan episode....always army officers think civilians as second class TN i think this is first incident but in north and northeast u can always find highhandedness of army/para military(remember irom sharmila and IPKF)....this is not an isolated incident and a sure lesson for the military rule mongers who curse the democracy.

    reg padmanabha swamy's wealth ...all the wealth belong to shri padmanabha cant be used for any purpose. really speaking the unearthing of this wealth itself is a loss for the state b cos of the problem of safekeeping of this wealth and maintainence of security is a extra burden for exchequer.

  17. Dear Ramnath, thanks a lot for your comment, after a long time:) Yes, we must shun military rule, the high handedness of men in uniform is on the rise these days. As for Lord Paddy, i have to agree with you, unearthing all these is a loss to the Swami Himself!


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