Sunday 18 October 2015

I am the Queen

A cool whiff of air plays with that stray hair, I adjust my crown. You haven't seen that, have you? I always wear it. I sleep with it tucked between the sheets. Every morning the moment  I wake up, I feel around for my crown. My day starts at that exact moment I set my eyes on my crown, gleaming in its glory, light rays bathing it in a riot of colors. You can find me always adjusting it, as it keeps slipping, a bit over-sized. I should get it corrected, I think, as I await my maidens to make my bath ready. 

At a click of a button, the Everest maiden gets my bath warm and I relish in the shooting sprays of warm water. Fluffy towels await me in the bath stand as I sing and dance. What is a Queen bath without a song and a dance? Lotus flowers spring up all around me and don't ask me how. Pink and purple lilies abound. Bathed and towel dried, I open the closet for selecting the apt attire for the day. Matching sets are selected next, as the imaginary maidens run around me, helping in the selection. The towering glass shows me a reflection of a beautiful queen that I am, adorned to perfection, half an hour later.

A sumptuous breakfast awaits me at the table where I choose my pick, no kelloggs please, I smile. Finishing breakfast, I walk regally to my stables where I hold my horses. I sweet talk to my favorite foal- my mahindra flyte and jump on. Our journey to the Court starts as a slow trot and then we pick up speed. Galloping at full speed we cross caverns and alleys, reaching the Courts on time. The Queen's audience should never start late. The subjects stand up as I enter and I wave my hands asking them to sit and ascend to my 'throne' with aplomb. The throne needs some drastic repair work, I muse as I find people lining up for their audience. It is going to be a long day, I think as I attend to my people.

Remember I am a queen of a tiny Kingdom and I have to slay the demonic barbarians who rule above me. My Reynolds sword gleams as I remove it from its hilt and as I glare at the men who invade my Kingdom, I go on a protective mode. I slay dragons. I vanquish demons. My sword is my ally. Together we are lethal. As I trot back to my Palace after a tiresome day, all I would like is some 'me' time at the Palace Gardens. Peacocks dance around, fountains splash water and as I sip my black chaai 'somapama', relaxing under a canopy of pearl strings, half lying, half sitting on my favorite divan of velvet and satin. 

Every night I retire to my palatial chambers for the night, holding my 'magic pad' that can connect me with the King, who is too busy fighting the war in far away desert lands. Putting the little Prince and Princesses to sleep in no time, I get back to my magic pad to talk about  the day to the King. Preening and boasting of my sword fights and the hands and legs I had chopped off at the battles and the next alignment in battle field, I recline in the four poster canopy bed, surrounded with fluffy cushions. The Voltas maiden at my right starts fanning me and I place my crown beside me. Every night as I close my eyes, drifting to sleep, I keep mouthing- "I am a Queen"! (okay...okay...a drama queen too!) "I love my people and I shall protect my country". Aren't we all ladies? We wield the swords, not the spoons. We slay dragons, those that have four limbs and two mouths. We serve our people. We reign with gusto. The world doesn't end at 36. Till the time we vanquish our Thrones in the offices, it is going to be us and the demons, fighting a war. *Raises sword* To the Queens in us!!

p.s.: Ah... this post is the effect of watching 'Rudramadevi' in 3D.
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p.p.p.s.:  I have been posted to a different station now and travel 5 hours a day. It keeps me tiresome all the time, hence kindly forgive me for the erratic posts :)