Thursday, 24 January 2013

Viswarooba(i) m

All the hype and hoopla for Viswaroopam has me in splits. Portraying Kamalhassan as some kind of Demi God, whose lifetime ambition is saving the dying Indian movie industry is downright funny, folks. He is an actor and time and again he has proved he is a good business man too. Be it casting the “kissing fame” Andrea Jeremiah as his heroine in the movie or selling the movie direct to DTH for millions, he has reiterated his business acumen. ABC’s Amitabh Bhachchan could learn a lesson or two on marketing a movie from our Kamal.

Selling the movie rights to cable channels or rather channel owned by allies of Tamilnadu CM after a confrontation with distributors, a case in the High Court and now the publicity our Muslim brothers are providing him- Kamal has marketed his film well. What the film actually contains is yet to be seen. Perhaps the Judge who had asked for a private screening today will let us know soon.

The trend of depicting brothers of a particular community as terrorists and trouble mongers is not new to Indian cinema, let alone Tamil film industry. It started with Roja, with Maniratnam marketing the movie well and paving the way for scores of movies on the same line.Though the same director depicted some “Hindu blood, Muslim blood- all blood, red blood” kind of scenes in his next movie Bombay, the damage had already been done. Religious terrorism prevails in our country, we accept. There are fanatics in all sects of religions, accepted.

What is alarming is the new “cultural terrorism” that is rearing its ugly head now. An artist has the rights to say what he feels, imagines and his creative rights are under the scanner now. When “Thuppakki” row erupted, it was sickening to see the actor and the director crooning “forgive us if it is wrong” on all TV channels. When will we realise that a ‘movie is just a movie’? See it if you wish, if you don’t wish- save your 120 bucks and walk off the theatre. Who is bothered?

32 Muslim organisations have united today to protest against a movie, that makes liberals like us extremely happy. A very good step indeed. But i must ask my Muslim brothers- “ Dears, where were you when poor house maid Rizana Nafeek was beheaded by Saudi Arabia a week back”? Was she a terrorist? Can anyone with conscience watch this video- rizana nafeek beheading ( I don't recommend this for the weak- hearted)

 What have these 32 organisations done for the development of their own down trodden brothers? What about their demonstrations for special quotas? Reservations? What is the respect given to their own sisters and mothers? Inclusion of their poor brothers in Dalit list? Do they know there are so many ill treated groups of Muslims among themselves- ask the caste divisions among them- maraikayars, rowthers, lebbais, osas, kabhar diggers, fishermen, fakirs, musafars...the list is endless. And yes, ignore this brothers- this is just the blabber of a kafir.

Let us remove the logs from our eyes before removing the dust from the opponent’s eyes. Fight for your rights! Ask for reservations in education, employment. Abolish the caste system prevailing in your religion. We can then fight against the ‘culture trashers’ like Kamal Hasan. He has had enough publicity for Viswaroopam. He needs nothing more...
p.s.: Too angry and sad at the death of housemaid Rizana. Thanks UN for watching.
p.p.s.: Justice Verma could take cognizance of Saudi Arabia's Shariah with respect to juvenile laws.
p.p.p.s.: Someone give me a break, my work is driving me insane. All that has been said above are my personal views. It bears no grudge against anyone living or dead :P
p.p.p.p.s.: Kamal, you owe me a dinner for this publicity item :P

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Devil wears p(a)rada!

Self proclaimed exile for a month or so.

Now back to blogging- why? I am told to dress 'properly'.
The 'I' here refers to the womenfolk of Mother India. We the faceless Anamikas, Nirbhayas, Daminis- name us however you like, we are never going to complain. We are too busy kneading atta to notice the rapes and moral policing. Paying our telephone bill is of prime importance to us than watching endless hours of debate on National News Channels 24x7.

The press- ah..the fourth pillar are going gaga over the new found 'women's liberation' and safe guarding the womenfolk. I suddenly feel if i have grown tusks like the woolly mammoth! Are they planning a sanctuary to safeguard us? If yes, then will there be television with our favourite saas- bahu soaps? God, i don't want to miss them. 

How do the newspapers and television channels find bak bak babas who churn out doctrines like- "Bhaiya bhole tho chodh dhethe". Oh yes- see, the victim asked for it. She never called them 'Bhaiya' when she was being raped-instead the poor girl chose to cry- "Help". And after Archimedes, Asaram bapu's "It takes two hands to clap" is the "in" Eureka! 

Then there is our own Madurai Adheenam- the saint who stood by Nithyananda and vouched for his righteousness. Wondering what his Hindu counterparts have to say on his comment- " Women should wear burqah to avoid unnecessary problems". Finally there is some consensus among the rival religions- they stand united on one front- "Women wear burqah". Devils wear prada! Adheenams wear- NOTHING! I suggest, he better cover up!

The new fad word to use is now- 'dress code'. Women are asked to cover up, dress appropriately to avoid rapes. Yes, your honors, the three year old raped was in a skimpy mini and tank top. If semi- clad women are prone to rape, it must be the Bollywood and Kollywood heroines. No dearies...they are safe and sound in their caravans with their dignity. The RSS chief has suggested "bad Western culture like short clothes are to be blamed for rising crimes against women". I suggest, peeepil...pleeeej follow the rule first- look at the RSS Chief and his ally BJP's Chief in the picture-
Dress up, men...i say!

 It is us, the 'aam ladki' on the road who gets raped. The thirteen year old girl raped and killed in Thathankulam was in her uniform...If dress instigates rape, then why are half dressed men safe in our country, giving lengthy bashans on women and their skimpy clothes? That is because- the sexual apparatus of most women is in their heads, while it is elsewhere for few men. 

I will dress up properly- if you MEN AGREE-
1. That you are rapists and molesters. 
2. That you cannot walk down a road without raping someone. 
3. That you cannot hold down your male libido.
4. That watching a nursing mother turns you on.
5. That simply you don't have a mother.
p.s.: I am highly irregular in my posts, because i am busy with Trade Union activities. Kindly excuse. I am now Women's Wing Secretary of my union and i represent almost 400 women employees.
p.p.s.: I am developing a mic fetish :P Every time i rise to speak onstage, i refuse to give up ;)
p.p.p.s.: Do give me some time to read your older posts and comment :)