Wander Lust

Clouds and Mist
Waterfalls and Tea gardens
Snow and Yaks
Sea and Waves
Roses and sunflowers
Butterflies and glow worms
Rain and ice-creams
I love travelling, floating, wandering...
A big lover of nature and culture of every place I visit, I love documenting my travels.
Here is the best of the world that I have travelled-

The Sandbox- Saudi Arabia

Roads To Arabia- a night at a museum

Saudi Arabia- Is it beautiful?

Yummy Saudi Champagne

Riyadh Zoo

Desert Roses

Touring India

A gettogether to remember!


A drive to remember

Picture card perfect Pelling, Sikkim

Gangtok- Heaven on earth

Ode to the road!

Yercaud- Crown of Shervaroys

Guns and Cherries- Kashmir 1

Guns and Cherries- Kashmir 2

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