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My brush with history, romance and my craze for the Queens is something I relish. Our country during the British onslaught had great Queens who took over power, though for a very short time. Yet their rule was glorious and the romance, hot! Study of history, the culture during those bygone eras, the weaponry used and the attire interests me to no bounds. If you are a romance buff, and would love to read how the Queens ruled us even before the arrival of Jhansi Ki Rani whom we rave about, welcome to this page.

Queen Of Hearts is the fictional novella of Queen Mangamma, the Tamil Queen who fought the British almost a century earlier than the Rani Of Jhansi. With breath taking pictures and paintings collected from the internet, Queen of Hearts is a must read!
Here is the story, presented in ten chapters-

Queen Of Hearts- Part 1

Queen Of Hearts- Part 2

Queen Of Hearts- Part 3

Queen Of Hearts- Part 4

Queen Of Hearts- Part 5

Queen Of Hearts- Part 6

Queen Of Hearts- Part 7

Queen Of Hearts- Part 8

Queen Of Hearts- Part 9

Queen Of Hearts- Part 10

Interested in reading more of such historical romance?

Here is the next series- Queen Of Spades! This is the story of Queen Velu Nachiyar, the Queen of Sivagangai who fought the British with the support of Nawab of Mysore, Hyder Ali in 18th Century.

Here is the series-

Queen Of Spades- Part 1

Queen Of Spades- Part 2

Queen Of Spades- Part 3

Queen Of Spades- Part 4

Queen Of Spades- Part 5

Queen Of Spades- Part 6

Queen Of Spades- Part 7

Queen Of Spades- Part 8

Queen Of Spades- Part 9

Queen Of Spades- Part 10

Queen Of Spades- Part 11

Queen Of Spades- Part 12

Hope you enjoy the fiction!

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