Happy Moments

Cloud Nine shaped up in the Arab desert and is passing through Indian skies...

Blogadda has helped me realise my potential, by awarding this-

It is indeed heartening to receive this award after a few months of die- hard blogging!

The very first featuring was of my post Blind Date Prophecies as a Spicy Saturday Pick by Blogadda!

The next feather in the cap was another post Open the door- let the Swamis in selected by Blogadda.com!

The BEST however is the felicitation by fellow blogger Meerasrajan Chronicles of an unknown Indian who had graciously conferred the following Award to me-

Cloud Nine will sure go high, i will be happy to keep on blogging!!!
Thanks to blogadda.com and Meera for encouraging newbie blogger Cloud Nine!!!

Cloud Nine has won a Prize in Blogadda and Tata Tea sponsored Too Busy To Care Contest. So happy to receive a cheque for Rs.1500- My first Cash Award for writing:))
Here is the post that touched many hearts and won me the prize

Cloudnine has been selected as the Most Promising Newbie of the Month by Blogjunta in June, 2011. Thank you Blogjunta for the honour...

July 5, 2011- another memorable day for Cloud Nine, Birthday of the Blogger and Thanks to Blogadda.com for selecting the post WMF??? as a Tangy Tuesday Pick, July 05, 2011:)))

September 13, 2011- Fellow blogger aynzan has presented cloudnine with another award- Inspirational Blog Award. Thank you dear Aynzan, for the honor!

March 13, 2012, Blogadda has selected my post Faking it!!! as a Tangy Tuesday Pick!

July 24,2013, Blogadda has selected my post Picture card perfect Pelling as a Spicy Saturday Pick!

November 22, 2013, Blogadda selected my post Sex, sleaze and men at work as a Spicy Saturday Pick!

Feb 11, 2014, Blogadda selected my post Windshield declarations as a Tangy Tuesday Pick!

April 12, 2014, Blogadda selected my post The other side of the counter! as a Spicy Saturday Pick!
August 2, 2014, Blogadda announced my post Guns and cherries- Kashmir-1 as a Spicy Saturday Pick!