Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Blind date Prophecies

Dedicated to my dearest friend who was astonished by a blind dating ad in radio.

Is it not an Awakening for the tortured souls untouched by cupid's arrows? There are guys who remain the perennial 'Brothers' to every chick on the block. May be the dark, less impressive guys better be christened " Brother" at birth, rather than let all loving angels rename them as Brothers. There is another unlucky lot who are the squirrels to Lord Ram. These obscure 'friend' of heroes always end up butchered or tortured and taunted by the villains in every love story. Poor chap! He is ditched by the Hero as well. Alas! the saddest part is where he is called " Brother" by our very dear Heroine. They act as Messengers, the Messiahs of Love, or should i say mailman when they deliver love letters secretly.

Are these gentlemen doomed to be Brothers for ever? There is some light glowing in the dark, some bells tinkling in the silence of bachelorhood, some radiance emanating from their hearts before emanating from their balding heads- there is love in the air. There arrives a Saviour to lift up these poor men to the heights of Heaven- to show them the bliss of being loved. Ahhhh! Arrival of a blind dating advertisement! It is music to the ears of erstwhile doomed people who are drowned by the dull and boring grrrrrrrrs of PCs and laptops. Wake up dears! Dont get stuck in cubicles, open your eyes, ears and hands. Reach out dear men, there is the blind date. Parched bachelorhood sees rain of ecstasy! The arrival of Valentine's Day and numerous such blind dating agencies spring up. The ad runs in their heads as a broken gramaphone record- .."if you are btween 18-25 and have no friend from the opposite gender, please come to this location with your age proof"...No idea what is in store for these men and women who are going to show up at the event.
I feel happy someone is taking up the staunch social responsibility of match making to the least marketable folks. These agencies play les parents to the unlucky lot! God Bless their Souls, and save them from young girl's shoe soles. Curiosity killed the cat, and i am no better either. Can someone please attend the blind date meet in Chennai and let me know if something transpired? If they found the lights glowing, the bells tinkling?


  1. An excellent piece...match making is actually like a market and sometimes like a war...!

    'The astonished soul'

  2. Hi
    You could have posted the link of where it is happening! Alas, wont be able to make it now! Its too late.

    I reckon its for everyone who is bored by not having a girl friend. It's not for everyone who are intending to find someone to get married to! Just my thought! Cheers.

  3. Hahahaha..Dear astonished soul, thank you for your first comment! Welcome to cloud nine and also to the market(?). Arranged marriages always end up being arranged wars, starting from booking the mandap to the cook at the wedding;) Better luck next time ya:)

  4. Hi Naveen..Thank You for your first comments on my blog. Hope to get more such valuable comments from you. I tried to look for the link online, but could not find it. My friend said he heard it in FM radio Chennai. Better late than never ya:)And this happens in India, the so-called conservative country, not US and Australia, the haven of "free" lives. I was under the assumption we Indians mate for life, do correct me if I am wrong:)

  5. lol! dat was a really fun read!
    gues d ppl using the service frm both ends mus b out of options so jus abt d best chance to strike a perfect match!
    eet ees ze jhenius! :)

  6. hehehe :D i know some of the universal brothers :P
    matrimony agencies have indeed sprung up almost everywhere

  7. Hi Sadiya, Thanks for your first comments on my blog. Thanks for your valuable tonic( encouragement!). Why view such blind dates with animosity? Let the unlucky ones have a lucky day- every dog has its day!!!

  8. Hi Rajlakshmi, Thanks a lot for your valuable comments! Am happy you too encountered many such 'brothers'. Let them grow beyond that once in their lives;)

  9. Lol at this post!
    I knew a lot of such brothers souls who never knew when they will get a change to act as Heroes :)

  10. Hi Vaish! Thanks for your valuable comment. Everyone has encountered so many such 'brothers' in their lives...The list keeps growing!

  11. "Spicy Saturday Picks" logo hooked me in.Very funny blog. suits my taste.

    Chennai used to have aunties whose sole purpose in life was to see the young ones married. I am happy that they are getting support from mainstream media.

  12. Dear Sairam:) Thanks dude...Humbled!Happy that you loved my post...Do visit my blog often and comment:)))


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