Tuesday, 8 February 2011

P.S. I love you

Love is in the air. Valentine's Day nears and wherever we go we see red- little hearts on almost everything, starting from coffee mugs to diamond pendants. Love was never ever marketed so vigorously and vociferously. The four lettered word has been so battered and bruised these days, it is indeed a novelty to see someone feel and understand real LOVE. My first impression of love and Valentine's Day was probably from my sixth grade when i used to watch television. There was a song called "Julie I love you" from the movie Kilinjalgal, if i remember the name right. The heart with an arrow lodged inside became the epitome of love to me. Those were the days when love meant furtive glances and mutually silent conversations.
Mother used to say how movies handled love and how literature revered it. I loved the way she quoted Shakespeare-
" Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares"
I simply ran and re-ran those lines often, which saved me from perennial annihilation. Love during my school days was a hush -hush affair, deplored topic. I found my Sin and Cos x more interesting than drooling over some boy in the back bench. Ah! Another doubt crops up here, why do boys in the back bench always end up in loving the girls in the front benches? And why do so thought intellectuals end up in lack lustre affairs with jackasses? All through my teen ages, i had seen clever girls falling for the dumbest guys- the reason, opposite poles might attract more! Also, in a relationship, only one person can remain dumb and that distinction always rested with the back bench flock. I quote Vivian Ward's ( Julia Roberts) dialogue in the movie Pretty Woman here- " My Mom called me a bum magnet. If there was a bum in a 50 mile radius, i was completely attracted to him". But finally she ended up marrying a multimillionaire ( in the movie, of course!). I found most of my pretty, clever friends end up loving the differently- abled! Back-benchers, kindly excuse!

That little cupid devil with the pitch fork keeps prodding, nudging and scraping you until you submit to him, until you say " I do". Luckily for me, i found the right person to say the " I do." I still do the 'do' and i am happy i belonged to the generation of women who thought love had something to do with brains than beauty and wallets. For those lesser mortal men who are stuck with this Gen X women, sorry folks, check your wallets before you look at your hearts, for credit cards breathe in life to your love! It is the candle lit dinners, diamonds and gifts that reserve your berths in love train, so hurry up men, swipe your cards and reserve your love!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, wish my boys dont blow a hole in their wallets. And to the love of my life,

P.S. I love you!!!


  1. Well, I love this story.. Thanks for the add.. Hope you like my scribbling.. do leave a comment to know what you feel about my thoughts..

    Someone is Special

  2. not only the 7 gals of ur observation. i had seen much eccentric affairs. May be i feel like..1. women are more emotional than rational.(May be u wont agree wit me...).Even their sympathy , or atleast caringness whic was born out of their nature's gifted MOTHERLINESS.. even they may read these lines as puppy's love...
    2.More so I have Observed women wer attracted to PPL who talk the way they like to hear(in layman'a language ..groundnut).rather than intellectual orators. i have happend to watch my class mates (movin wit a frd of opp gender)of college days who used to sit and talk for Couple of hrs and hrs.. whic doesnt need even 5-15 minutes. once when they enter the Hostel they recieve phone Calls frm LH and early in the morning even the guy may not hav woken up.The Guys who had v thick gal frds say in later days ... they feel like they wer cucooned.. or the gals likes him to do everything with her prior approval... so pl dont blame one side.For GUYS i think it s like ownin a BAJAJ pulsar to show off"MACHAN I TOO HAV a GAL FRD".so the topic itslf is much cmplxed than what u have wrtten.Rgds

  3. Hi someone is special:) Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your first comment. Happy that you love this post. Will sure check out your blog and post comments:) Keep blogging...

  4. Hi anonymous- I agree with your points 1 & 2, but i beg to differ on inferences drawn. In case1, you are right, women mostly try to act motherly to men in all relationships, especially in love. And case two is also partly right, when u say small pep talks interest women. I object where you say women keep men cocooned, which is simply not possible these days, where men and women like and respect their own personal spaces. But i agree with all my heart to the last line you have said- "Machan i too have a girl friend". For boys who cannot impress anyone with their intellect and marksheets, such top rank women are merely prized trophies to show off. Example, see Sania Mirza, who ended up with the no-good Shoaib Malik;)


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