Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Letter from a wife to a "Gelf" Labourer Husband


All of us are fine here. Yesterday night i was out shopping when you called. Amina is studying well. Rahman walked his first few steps last week. He now says Ummi and Nana. I have recorded his talk and small walks in my mobile video. I will show it when you come home next year on vacation.

The bank loan interest is due by 15th. Send your salary before that. Your Vappa and Ummi are giving me a hard time as usual. Your sister now lives almost here, she never goes to her inlaws house. I am now in my my Ummi's home. I cannot live in your place any longer. Ummi takes good care of me and our children. Kamar Chacha and his wife have bought a new plot in the city. Your sister has bought some agricultural land in her inlaw's village. She always keeps talking about the same, it seems she spent 2 lakhs on it. When are we going to buy some land? I want to live in my own house. How long can i live struggling in my Ummi's house and your Vaapa's house? 

Heard from Mohamed Chacha's wife that he is coming on vacation. Send a parcel through him. I want 3 bottles egg shampoo ( the ones you sent last time were not good). Dont forget to buy a fish dollar gold chain for Amina. Buy 2 bangles for me. Don't buy anything for your sister. Last time you bought a gold chain just like me for her and you don't know how much she degraded your gift, saying it was light weight. Don't buy gold coin for your sister-in-law like last time. Your brother is in Gelf, he too can buy her that. Ummi wants zam zam water and two good burkhas. My Vaapa is suffering from joint pain, buy 5 botlles of axe oil. As usual, send us 10 Lux soaps, 2 bags of Tide powder. Also, i want 1 kg Tang powder for guests who visit us. Your sister has laced inskirts and i too want 2 like it, one black and one white. Send me 5 or 6 scent bottles to give to my sister's family and brother's family. You can give to your family when you come here. Amina likes the chocolates you sent last time. So, send some this time too. If Chacha can't bring so much luggage, you can always send us a cargo parcel like last time. Send your salary soon.


P.S. Dear brother-in-law, as usual i wrote the letter what sister dictated. How are you? How is your left hand now? Are you able to lift weights now? Please take your medicines properly. Here everything is as usual, lot of quarrels between your family and my sister. She is always the same. Don't worry, things will be alright soon. If you are sending a parcel, please send me a heart shaped dollar for the chain you brought me last time. Also, two three foreign sarees to wear when i goto college. What happened to the laptop computer you promised to buy for me? I always think of you. I miss you badly. Expecting the day of your arrival,

Your sister-in-law.


  1. Sounds hilarious! A typical letter to family in the Gulf..

  2. Thanks a lot for your time and comment Aynzan!

  3. Funny! Samira's letter sounded like a shopping list! But I guess that is what people become when they mortgage their happiness for wealth..!

    Cloud nine.. I like your blog..! This is my 2nd comment!

  4. Dear Meerasrajan, Thanks for your valuable time and comments on my blog:) I am so happy you like my blog,thanks a lot for your encouragement. Your comment made my day!!!

    This letter is a real one that failed to reach the addressee, as the postman ( my husband) quit his job abruptly and couldn't go back to Gulf and deliver the letter. I usually dont pry into other people's letters, but this one was the most intriguing one, that offered me a sight into what life is for these people, who trade in money for happiness:(

  5. ha ha ha...very nice...typical one!!! still i have many more pending topics to read, will think to read it by next week( due to lack of time), by then you come up with another topic....will read for sure when i return to SG.

  6. Thanks for your first comment in my blog Bhinduja:)Glad you could find some time even during d vacation to read this! Do read throgh the others when you get back and comment:)


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