Saturday, 26 February 2011

The shoe fuss!

Our country is one nation that has been obsessed by shoes- right from epic period of Ramayana. King Bharatha ruled his kingdom Ayodhya with his step brother Rama's sandals, as a gesture to denote Rama is the real King. Of late, the Queens of India have taken a great liking to the shoes, they are probably obsessed with it. Behen Mayawati took the first step in the right direction when she stood regally discussing something more important than dust on her shoes. So much involved in her discussion, Behen did not notice her PSO, Padam Singh dusting away her shoes with his hand kerchief. So what, is my question. What if an elderly man wipes away your shoes? After all Chief Ministers don't have the time to clean their shoes. But after cleaning her shoes, what Padam Singh did infuriated me, how dare he wash off his hands with a  bottle of mineral water?  The hands that had touched Madam Maya's revered shoes are not dirt to be washed off. His hands now had the sacred prasada- sacred dust and his kerchief was also a consecrated Holy Kerchief. Padam Singh has obviously insulted Madam Maya by washing his hands, he has treated Madam's shoe as if it is a dirty shoe, not a Holy one. I suggest to Maya Madam that Padam Singh who has insulted Her Highness be now posted near one of her statues, to shoo(e) away crows that come sit on her Sacred Head.

The next episode of Female Shoe Fetish was my darling Bips who always stays on news by hook or crook. This time, it was her twitter account that became the eye of the storm. In all childish innocence, the dusky diva posted a picture of two teenaged girls tying up shoe laces for her. Again i ask to all rumour-mongers, what is wrong in Bips getting a helping hand in tying her shoe laces? She is, after all celebrating her 12th Birthday this year. Such a small pranky teenager posting a picture of childhood fun and the entire media portrays her as a spoiled brat! What a PR disaster...Bips was quick to delete the picture and post a reply saying she ties shoe laces for all her friends and sisters and they do it to her. It is just a small kind gesture returned with love. So why all the mess? Next time i want to tie my shoe lace, am going by air to Bips' Mumbai Bandra residence, she always loves to tie shoe laces. By the way, one question for John, who ties your shoe laces? Bips?

What i cannot understand here is, why such small incidents of women having someone attend to their shoe maintenance is being blown out of proportion. India is one male-chauvinistic country where men accept being ruled by Rama's sandals but simply cannot digest the fact that Maya Madam and Bips have people to attend to their shoes. Pinnacle of male arrogance! As women, we want freedom to let others wipe our shoes and tie our shoe laces. We have more important jobs like ruling the state like Maya Madam and gyrating to hot Bollywood numbers like darling Bips. Oh, give us a break, MAN....


  1. PPl who have got high self esteem did nt claimed it frm others. ppl who doubt their positions Vs. their personal profile..( ennumaada nammala endha ooru nambudu..)seeks recognition outwards. egs were our MK (who attends a lot of parrattu vizhaa).. as he doubts himself...Maya... who creates statues of her own...can u name some more to be added in the list...??

  2. add to this she accepted garlands made of currency twice.. n two seperate functions. analysts say that the value of money in tat garland(Rs.1000/- notes) should be around 100 Cr

  3. Hey Anonymous! Thanks for your comments. Lot of people lining up the probables queue now, we shall take down one at a time;)

  4. Cloud nine- shoes are for men- Rama's women had no shoes walked barefoot behind their husbands ( BTW you might like to read my latest post on this), You forgot Cinderella and her ugly sisters- there are some shoe issues there too...! It is not wiping the shoes it is getting rid of the "Charand dhool" .. But seriously Bips should not be given the kind of importance that this shoe lace business is giving her.. ! She is a pretty face that is all!

  5. Thanks a lot for your comment Meerasrajan;) And for duly reminding me of Cinderella and her step a nice topic for a post;)Including Bips in this saga was just for fun, it gives more pep and fizz to your post:P Actresses as always are beauty without brains, hope you would agree with me on this!


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