Friday, 11 February 2011

Crushes and the Crushers!

For every one of us teen age crushes remain etched somewhere in the oblivion, that had died a silent death. If you say, "Oh No, i have had no crushes!", sorry dears, you are lying. Our cloaks of lies and deceit and falsehood fit in somewhere after the teen ages. The teen mania that starts in our early teens and goes on raging till the later teens with numerous hormonal malfunctions is the most confusing stage of our lives. Dont forget that cute girl next door or that brawny guy in the opposite house. Our Bollywood and Tollywood Heroes remain the most secret crushes of our teens, my Mother's teen days were probably more subdued ones with Dileep Kumar, GG and Mammooka. Though i loved to watch them act, my teenage dreams were filled with numerous people, i cant even remember who my first crush might have been. Probably Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels. Bollywood Heroes those days were more mellow, romantic and awesome- Amir Khan's " Pehla Nasha" might have been my first nasha too...Who can forget his QSQT?

Oh wait a minute- or was it Salman Khan as perennial PREM in " Maine Pyar Kiya" or " Hum Aapke Hain Koun"? Was it Karthik in "Varusham pathinaaru" ? I simply cannot remember. As for the Crushers- i can remember the look of total astonishment and confusement in my Dad's face when he returned home from work one day to find all Footballers posters stuck on the living room walls. There was Romario, Maradona, Oleg Salenko and the likes lined up. Few months later it was Akshay Kumar's display of all hunky macho-muscles. Though the Crushers did not like the poster line up, they simply tut-tutted at the posters and went their way. Back in my hostels ruled by the Holy Church, nuns were the Crushers here! I was certainly prohibited from pasting posters. All i could keep were pictures of crushes, which was restricted to handbags. My Heroes then ended up being torn, twisted and scratched in the taverns of my tote bags. Funnily, the pictures changed once a few months, based on latest crush. Innumerable pictures faded and torn, i ended up lovingly married!

You might have also gone through that "I hate the Crushers" stage sometime in your lives. Dear friends, with Valentines Day nearing, I would be happy if you all could spare a few moments in digging up the buried secret crushes and relive a few moments. If this post brings about a few fond memories and lights up a dull day, I would be blissfully happy.


  1. nice article nive...reading this we all will definitely rewind our teen age and crushes.but crushes need not be a favourite hero or sportsman.
    it may also be a girl or boy next door.isnt it?

  2. Hi Ramnath, i agree with you 100%. Only thing, my crushes were limited to movie heroes and sportsmen, not boy next door:)May be, better luck next time:)

  3. HI dont knw abt teenage crushes. bCaz i think only gals do have teenage crushes wit choclate Boys. and guys gen dont seem to have those kind of crushes. frm our college /school hostel experiences guys do fix up posters of sports personality in genwith their walls. Heroines were v v rare.But i have heard of lot of gals havin gr8 interest twrds Prasant( u rem tat),Vijay,abbas, ajit, Maddy in their diff stages and recently Arya, karthi sivakumar fit those list. where as men wer mor inclined toward sachin, Yusuf, etc etc...rgds

  4. Hi Anonymous, i beg to differ here:) Boys always have the crush, but their crushes flower late, mostly after teens, because cricket, cricket and more cricket keeps them engaged during the teens. SO by the time the girls are out of such crushes, men arrive in the scene! Do you remember how you guys rushed to one Teacher who used to keep her pen elsewhere for signatures! LOL!!!


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