Sunday, 6 February 2011


How Holy is the Catholic Church and the Believers? Being brought up in a staunch Catholic family with Catholic virtues, i find the recent startling revelations against the Catholic Church in India and abroad startling, or rather unsettling. The nuns and fathers i knew of, back from my childhood days were people so sincere, solemn, kind and affectionate. Or may be i met those who were living examples of sanctity and purity. So what makes things messier now? The opening up of the Church, and at first the acceptance of widespread sexual abuses and peadophilia in the Catholic Church is a positive sign indeed. Father Rajarathinam, Principal of St Joseph's College, Trichirapalli was accused of rape by a former nun. It took almost 5 years for the case to be registered, i wonder why the nun refrained from complaining earlier. And what is the aftermath? The Reverend Father is still on anticipatory bail, running from Sessions Courts to High Court to evade prison. He has already resigned as Principal, but is that enough? Is this a genuine case of sexual exploitation or another hate monger case on unsuspecting Priest? No one can tell, till the verdict is out.
Another case that has come to light is that of Sister Jesme. Her case highlights the flaws of Catholic Church and its Congregations in Kerala. Her autobiography " Amen" has made national headlines, see here-

Her autobiography talks volumes of rampant sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. There are instances of lesbian relationships, amorous affairs and sexual 'accidents' she had underwent in her tenure with the Church. She has moved out of the Church now, obviously, as the Church tried to portray her as a mentally ill person after her allegations. There were many suicides of junior nuns in Convents in Kerala, accusing Seniors of sexual abuse and harassment- Sister Josephine, Sister Anupa Mary, Sister Serenna Jacob- the list grows. If the incidents like these see the light are enormous, how about those incidents that never see the light? That is hush-hushed into silence in the dank corridors of convents everywhere? Sister Jesme, accepts in her book- “When a woman is molested, sexually harassed, will she speak out? Only one out of a thousand will speak out. So think of nuns! They will never speak out. They fear that their nun-hood will be lost,” . Those who come forward to report the incidents like Sister Jesme, are either silenced or labelled as 'mentally ill' and their truth revealed as ' book of trivialties'. To me, sexual abuse and harassment that leads to a nun's suicide is not 'trivial'.

The Fathers too dont fare well. There was another incident in Kerala, a Parish Priest in Changanachery Diocese who fathered a child, after a two year sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl!!! Grotesque! And now this Father Rajarathinam episode in TamilNadu. Parish Priests in Catholic Dioceses now live a life of absolute luxury, many have cars, latest mobile phones, laptops, have sizeable currency in bank accounts. There are many who live our normal lifestyle, they smoke, drink, watch movies and manage 'Educational Businesses- aka schools and colleges'. Gone are those fathers and nuns who walk in battered slippers, eating plain and living simple. These modern day nuns and fathers are a confused lot, they have their cakes, but alas, cannot eat it. Which makes me ask one question- : " Is celibacy compulsory for priests and nuns?"

What is celibacy? In this context, "celibacy" retains its original meaning of "unmarried". Though even the married may observe continence, abstaining from sexual intercourse, the obligation to be celibate is seen as a consequence of the obligation to observe perfect and perpetual continence for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven.[1] Advocates see clerical celibacy as "a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can more easily remain close to Christ with an undivided heart, and can dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and their neighbour."
The reason is plain and simple, as explained. But is it not against nature to suppress one's sexual instincts and remain celibate? Ahhhh...There now, we are treading on tricky waters. Remaining Celibate is the Test of God, those who remain unmoved by the Satan are indeed the pious Followers. But do all refrain from sin? That i cannot say. But all i can say is, th Catholic Church is in dire need of Reforms with a Capital R. Till then the Church will be gleefully producing more and more controversies, rather than teach us the word of Lord.


  1. i think remove cross from nuns and fathers. leave thm to live a normal life. dont enforce any discipline on ppl wrking fr social cause.after all they wer also human ..

  2. I agree with you. But will removing the cross suffice? The Catholic Church is ruled by age-old traditions and it might be difficult and take centuries for such reforms. What i am trying to say here is- LET THEM NOT ENJOY THE HAPPINIESS OF NORMAL LIFE WITHOUT THE HASSLES OF COMMON MAN'S BONDINGS.

  3. here again i differ. let them live a life of a comman man. let them read their relegious work sincerely and devotedly,(as they should have more time to do tat). deliver ppl the messages of relegions and its ethics and its epics.


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