Thursday, 17 January 2013

Devil wears p(a)rada!

Self proclaimed exile for a month or so.

Now back to blogging- why? I am told to dress 'properly'.
The 'I' here refers to the womenfolk of Mother India. We the faceless Anamikas, Nirbhayas, Daminis- name us however you like, we are never going to complain. We are too busy kneading atta to notice the rapes and moral policing. Paying our telephone bill is of prime importance to us than watching endless hours of debate on National News Channels 24x7.

The press- ah..the fourth pillar are going gaga over the new found 'women's liberation' and safe guarding the womenfolk. I suddenly feel if i have grown tusks like the woolly mammoth! Are they planning a sanctuary to safeguard us? If yes, then will there be television with our favourite saas- bahu soaps? God, i don't want to miss them. 

How do the newspapers and television channels find bak bak babas who churn out doctrines like- "Bhaiya bhole tho chodh dhethe". Oh yes- see, the victim asked for it. She never called them 'Bhaiya' when she was being raped-instead the poor girl chose to cry- "Help". And after Archimedes, Asaram bapu's "It takes two hands to clap" is the "in" Eureka! 

Then there is our own Madurai Adheenam- the saint who stood by Nithyananda and vouched for his righteousness. Wondering what his Hindu counterparts have to say on his comment- " Women should wear burqah to avoid unnecessary problems". Finally there is some consensus among the rival religions- they stand united on one front- "Women wear burqah". Devils wear prada! Adheenams wear- NOTHING! I suggest, he better cover up!

The new fad word to use is now- 'dress code'. Women are asked to cover up, dress appropriately to avoid rapes. Yes, your honors, the three year old raped was in a skimpy mini and tank top. If semi- clad women are prone to rape, it must be the Bollywood and Kollywood heroines. No dearies...they are safe and sound in their caravans with their dignity. The RSS chief has suggested "bad Western culture like short clothes are to be blamed for rising crimes against women". I suggest, peeepil...pleeeej follow the rule first- look at the RSS Chief and his ally BJP's Chief in the picture-
Dress up, men...i say!

 It is us, the 'aam ladki' on the road who gets raped. The thirteen year old girl raped and killed in Thathankulam was in her uniform...If dress instigates rape, then why are half dressed men safe in our country, giving lengthy bashans on women and their skimpy clothes? That is because- the sexual apparatus of most women is in their heads, while it is elsewhere for few men. 

I will dress up properly- if you MEN AGREE-
1. That you are rapists and molesters. 
2. That you cannot walk down a road without raping someone. 
3. That you cannot hold down your male libido.
4. That watching a nursing mother turns you on.
5. That simply you don't have a mother.
p.s.: I am highly irregular in my posts, because i am busy with Trade Union activities. Kindly excuse. I am now Women's Wing Secretary of my union and i represent almost 400 women employees.
p.p.s.: I am developing a mic fetish :P Every time i rise to speak onstage, i refuse to give up ;)
p.p.p.s.: Do give me some time to read your older posts and comment :)


  1. 1. All yr views don't hav counterpoints...'
    2.Ref.thuglaq book last before issue.. if sexual harrasemnets reported were 25 nos/1 lakh populace... (in west).. we have only 3/ 1 lakh populace.. so we are better than our western counter-parts.!
    3.I totally agree wit u.. tat men has no right to say "WHAT WOMEN shd WEAR"... In 1970s .. a lady wearing PYJJAMA (Chudi was called so).. was called it s house hold... it is matter of convenience..(nt imposed).. if they want they may wear barda, Jeans, mini-skirts, bermuda or any thing...

    4.The voices frm Nithin kadkari, ashok singal has to be read as...saffron ppl were always projected as PROTECTORS OF they tke this as a chance to spk their ideology.. nothing more...

    1. 1. Yes, there arre none. Give some :P
      2. Don't be naive. How many people actually report such rapes in our country, you think?
      3. Good, i accept this- dress is for convenience.
      4. True.

  2. Hi,
    You are absolutely right. I hate these Rss and BJP, for that matter all political parties, whose only aim is to open their mouth, to show how uneducated and backward their thoughts are. And their women representatives are equally bad, maybe their only aim in life is to cheat, lie and make crores of money, which rightfully belongs to the 'Aam/ Mango' people.
    I shudder at the thought of having these same people coming back to power with their milli julli kichedi parties to cook more poison for India.
    Looking forward to more such posts from your side.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Rama. True, they are worse than their counterparts ruling us now. God save us, Amen !

  3. It is ridiculous when the men who rule the country haven't taken any step to catch the accused who cause such indecent acts, and now they start giving lectures to women clad that we should wear appropriately! Bull shit! I hate when everytime a rape happens, people somehow turn the topic to a women's character or her dress code! How atrocious it is! And as you said, what about 3yr olds! People who talk like should be punished first!

    1. Anu...thanks for the comment, totally agree with your view. These high talkers must be punished first.

  4. Namaste...
    A woman can wear a pillow sack tied to her neck in which she is covered from head to toe along with a head wrap and a masks that covers her face with only her eyeballs showing and she would still be raped by a vile deceased decaying supposed "man" whose intent is to satisfy his carnal urges for she (the woman) is not human but a subject of his deviant desire.

    Men need to take responsibility for their nasty sewer infested thoughts and deeds and stop placing accountability and blame on women and their stay of wear.


  5. Remove the log from your eyes before removing the log from others, so the bible the men making such lame excuse should search themselves first! Going by the pics, it's enough to make me laugh and puke!

    Wow! that is awesome C9! Congratulations and wish you the best sistah!
    You p.p.s, always make me laugh!

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  7. So glad to see you back! Jyoti may have awakened our conscience but it hasn't made a dent to the rapists mind-set. Even more pathetic were the reactions from our so called leaders!

  8. congratessss womens seceratry,its not a small thing to lead 400 people all the very best.Wish u should fullfill all ur resp and never ever give up things:)

  9. Exactly, the men of our country are busy blaming women, be it calling them dented and painted or suggesting marrying them off to their rapists.If these men were to rule us, sad on us who elected them to this position. The worst is the women who are already politically strong and in the power are doing nothing, but crying , expressing condolences, but still and silent to their remarks . The ones who could yell and speak stories during the passing of the women reservations bill, have unfortunately kept quite while their sister and daughter have been killed brutally.

    True post Nivedita, a very satire take on these beep beeps

  10. Well, these people are making such statement to get eyeballs and also because there exists an India that thinks this way, that has conveniently blamed the victims for the crimes committed on them.


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