Friday 17 June 2011

Rajapakse- Elusive as ever...

Ban Ki Moon is still in deep slumber. May be we need a bull doze into the UN to discuss the burning issue of Srilanka with him. There were days when we thought the UN was the all powerful mediating body that could bring about international accountability and justice. But what has transpired is a spineless mammoth that hides behind perpetrators like Rajapakse. CD after CD surfaces on the Srilankan Tamil Genocide, the whole world watches in a disturbed silence, Ban Ki Moon plays hide and seek with the international media and India as usual sends envoys Sivasankara Menon and Nirupama Rao for a cup of famed Ceylon Tea with Rajapakse. All our Tamil regional parties forget the Srilankan Issue convenently when in power and remember all of a sudden Where there not Tamil people in Srilanka? Karuna loves 3 hour fasting scenes on the issue. Reminding him of Swami Nigamananda and his coma. Take care Karuna, don't count yourself always lucky in Fasting Parties!

Watch this video that recently surfaced in Channel 4, UK. The video contains graphic footages and i don't recommend viewing for the weak hearted. Rajapakse and the Srilankan Government (GoSL) cannot deny any wrong doing when the truth is out in the open for the whole world to see. It is crystal clear when Indian Government slips out of the scene saying this is Srilanka's internal matter. Sonia Gandhi is wrecking vengeance on the languishing Tamils for the death of her husband by LTTE's hands. Both Rajiv and LTTE are closed files and lingering on to the thought of punishing Tamils for no fault of theirs is inhumane. When will Indian Tamils wake up to reality? When will the world view Srilankan Tamil issue without bias? Questions remain unanswered. Rajapakse still refuses to rehabilitate 40,000 Tamils from refugee camps held against their will by GoSL military. NATO attacks Gaddafi for killing his own civilians in Libya. Whole world remains silent on Srilankan issue. Why the double standards? Simple- No Oil in Srilanka?
A picture from the 1983 Tamil massacre, the scene is no different now, after 28 years.

Same Sinhalese style massacre- 2010.

What happened in the LLRC ( Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Committee) that accepted secret witnesses traversing the country has offered no respite. The recent revelations in international media has aggravated the need for UN to push Rajapakse and the GoSL to be tried under an impartial International War Crimes Court.
Indian Government must STOP its all out effort to support Rajapakse and try to bring him under the Law. That would be the wish of every Tamil life snuffed out, every Tamil woman raped, every Tamil child orphaned. Should we count ourselves humans seeing our own kin die? The pain of Tamil diaspora that have fanned out across the globe with no land to call their own- is it not heart wrenching?  Let the World wake up to the cries of a clan- the Tamils of nowhere...ALL WE WANT IS A FAIR TRIAL INDICTING RAJAPAKSE AND RELEASE ALL TAMILS FROM REFUGEE CAMPS. Is this too much to ask for???


  1. oh no! oh no!'s so cuts across the continent...i don't understand the double standard the NORTHER PART OF NIGERIA, similar problems occurs *sigh!*

  2. AHH what to say...its not too much to ask..if only they could understand it..RAJAPAKSE is not only accountable to siri linkns but to the whole humanity...he should be hanged till death ..

  3. 1.UN felt teethless in riots of RWANDA of 1992 ( wher 2 lakh lost their lives.. And UN said they cant contain).
    2.If TAmilNad ppl were so concerned of the issue..then why did Sonia nd her party won 2009 elections.(compare hw Jagdish taytlor and saajankumar were denied seats after protest frm Punjabis).blame Tamils....first...

    3.add to the govt stayed idle on issue of Shooting of tamil fishermn by SL NAVY?
    4.Rajiv got paid-back for his political immaturity ..IPKF and how did it react wit Tamils of SL esp Women atleast ppl of our gen know well.. u mentioned right .. its purely tit-tat of ANTONIO towards PRABAKAARAN and it resulted as burning of Vaikkapor for killing a Rat.

    6.ARAwaks,Abhorgins, Maya, INka ...varisayil mella Azhikirathu ..EELATHAMIL enam.. Vaazha antonio maino.. vazha .. KR Narayanan, S.S.Menon... and thunai nindra tamilnad C.M.

  4. Dear Ibhade...the contrast is for all to see! Look how they treat the wealthy nations and the lesser mortals:(((

  5. Dear Mishi:) Welcome to my blog:) Yes, Criminals like Rajapakse must receive toughest of the toughest punishment...

  6. Dear Anonymous, i can well relate to your feelings. We are mute and silent spectators to the genocide of our own brethren in Srilanka, all because our country stands by Rajapakse. Rajiv's political immaturity brought him death and Sonia's lack of concern will bring her downfall. To hell with politicos of TN....dumb a**es.

  7. Nivedita my friend Krishna a Tamil woman from Sri Lanka calls this " forced integration" I was shocked when she related about things that are happening there. Felt like I was in hitler's germany. UN should impose sanctions on Sri Lanka- no ther way. The average Tamil was persecuted by the Sri Lankan govt, threatened by the LTTE and now again is being forced to give up citizenship rights .. What an unfair world!


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