Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Overstepping the line? Apologies!

Another one goes down the drain. As i read the newspaper, my head spins counting the innumerable culprits and their sour "I am sorry". It all started ages ago, but the audacity of the happenings and the media coverage these days simply make every living day Hell for the culprits. Whoops...sorry, Woods is booed in every tourney he plays, Berlusconi flashes a bleeding nose on camera, hit by a statuette. Arnie the hunk remains strangely silent and the media go crazy. The latest to jump the train are IMF chief Dominic Strauss Kahn and US Congressman Anthony Weiner. What makes men in power go pant crazy is intriguing. You have the power, you call the cards, you have a loving family back at home. So, what makes a Premier of 74 look for a belly dancer aged 17? 

We never know what made the Italian Prime Minister bail out a belly dancer picked up for prostitution. Once the story of Karima Al Mahroug started surfacing on world media, we did sit up and take notice of the otherwise unknown Silvio. We lost interest when his line of girls went lengthier than Great Wall of China. I am very bad in statistics and i lost count of his umpteen affairs and sex parties. When he was hit on the face in full public glare with a statuette, i regretted it was not a shoe! For those zombies out there, next time, choose a good shoe or better- a little red boot! He just loves little red riding boots.

Tiger went from roaring to mewing when he called up that infamous press conference.Sniff...sniff...tears..I am sorry for all that happened. I ask privacy in these troubled times. Again sniff...sniff...Elin did the right thing in moving out of Woods' mansion. Was it seven or eight? The number of mistresses blew up- starting from event manager to waitress. Excuse me Woods, a waitress??? Tiger never got back to his form- on field, of course! Arnold the Terminator followed suit soon, he had his cake and ate it too, for twenty years in the same house with his wife! Arnie was again terribly sorry for fathering a love child to his housekeeper. How shameful it might be for Mrs Arnold who lived under the same roof with the housekeeper and step so(i)n unknowingly? Never mind, Arnie has apologized. 

IMF's Ex- Chief, Dominic Strauss Kahn has been arrested on charges of raping a chambermaid in a hotel. Close in heels follows US Congressman Anthony Weiner who sent sexually explicit images from his twitter account to a young woman. Anthony has apologized, there ends the matter. The swiftness with which these men acknowledged their mistakes and apologized to the entire world is what is bugging me. What do our Netas, who have fathered innumerable sons out of wedlock and have had string of affairs do? Apologise? NAAAAAAAH! Just ask for a DNA test and pull the case along the caverns of judiciary. Any doubts, kindly contact Shri ND Tiwari. Or better, ask Karuna, ex CM, Tamil Nadu. Call the first lady a WIFE and the next as COMPANION. You can always find a name for the rest in queue! 

Karunanidhi fasting with wife and companion, both
ladies seated on either side;)

Crossing the line next time? Just relax. It is easy! You can always apologize later. We shall forgive and forget soon!


  1. In US which is a little more permissive society than India's,the people curiously expect high standards of probity in dealings and morals from their leaders.Wherever there are transgressions, they make a furore and have them removed.

    But India is different .As a rule we do not peep into the private lives of leaders and no hue and cry made unless there is a complaint from one of the parties.Probity strangely is not an essential requirement to be a leader.Our legislatures are crowded with people on whom criminal cases are pending.

    It is altogether a different matter and debatable one whether leaders without rectitude can deliver good goivernance.They may or may not.

  2. However fast you run from past, it always manages to catch up, in the wrong time.

  3. I do love your satire write up! yep! do the WRONG & give a MISERABLE i am sorry later, and ALL would be forgiven &n forgotten! * a sarcastic smile*..mschew! I don't know why they think with their 'third leg!'

  4. 1.1st of all U arabs dont have any right to talk abt this issue even.U ppl dare to make it even as White money(no un a/c ted).
    2.Dont forget honey traps ( wher ppl wer invited to fall and later assaulted with a foul cry). i assume this s wat should hav happned to IMF Chief.May be this they have drawn frm our good old tamil cinemas.
    3. I think men assume pride wit no. of ..... they gain ..(as bonus points for their personal success).
    4.The thin red line...whic these victims cross over ...whic they think will nt be visible to eyes of public....on other hand Serves as a FEAST FOR JOURNALISTS,MEDIA and PAPARAZIS.... who are good enuf if propogating u to write a blog and me a reply ....

  5. Dear Kparthasarathy, thanks a ton for the comment. Yes, US and India are on difefrent ideological planes altogether, our Netas' private lives are indeed great fodder for our media. But for all negative reasons. Probity must be a necessity for leading a nation and its people. All am asking is, why it isn't so in India...

  6. Dear Harish, thanks for the comment, dude. Past catches up fast;)

    Dear Ibhade, LOL on your 'third leg' comment!Probably the world would be better if these kind of men think using their brains;)

  7. Such behavior whether in India or some other country doesn't matter, it shows how people in high offices can stoop so low despite having everything they want. Even if they are into something, why are they so stupid enough to leave clues behind. Sometimes I feel they thrive in such exposures.

  8. Dear Rama, thanks a ton for the comment. One thing that makes our own Netas so unique is the fact that they never say I am sorry;)

  9. Only if Anonymous people had real names. :P

    Well, its really sad that on one side they take up positions of power and influence and then still can't make polygamy a rule. Okay, I am not in support of polygamy,but what do the mothers of the supposedly illegal progeny do, if not to fight.
    Though it should stop altogether, this back stabbing and then saying sorry, or these flirtations from middle aged men. But it's a tendency, right?

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Dear Blasphemous Aesthete- thanks fro the comment. Nobody supports polygamy and i share your view, why these women are so submissive. And why fret all over it after say 20 years...So, they must have enjoyed the fringe benefits therefrom and when they feel their position is threatened, they expose the culprit!

  11. When enriched with unlimited money and power, people dont hesitate to overstep! People in power or in cini industriy come out to light, as medias are following them! Rest of them are still continuing this behind the screen.

    People on power are dare to wander with two wives, and law can not do anything against them? When a 87 Years old man can have two, why can't Mr. Kuppan or Mr. Suppan have an additional cake?

    Time will teach them, let them have the additional burden!

  12. Dear Janaki, that was a well thought out comment. Yes, ordinary stories of ordinary people never hog the lime light. But still, overstepping must be curbed...what say?


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