Saturday 8 March 2014

A Wo(e)men's Day Wish!

The shrill whistle of the milk boiler
Incessant chopping of vegetables
All three burners busy-
The next to whistle is the rice cooker

Washing machine whizzing away
Overshoots it the husband's snore.
Sweeping the floor
Hurried mopping and dusting

Waking the sleepy kids,
Including the man of the house
Remembering the geyser
Hasty rangoli at the door

Pushing and pulling dressers,
Paste on the brush
Off goes the washing machine-ding
Hanging the clothes

Hot coffee for the newspaper wielder
Bathing the kids- dripping with soap
Eau de cologne under the cot
Talc in the closet

Four sets of lunch boxes
Sitting on the table neatly packed
Hurried breakfast fed
Running all around the sofas

Bongs the school bus
Away the kids go bye-bye
Breakfast to the husband 
Search on for his left sock

Short peck on cheek
Off he goes to office...
Half bathed half clad
Breakfast lying half eaten

Plaiting hair in the doorstep
Locking the door
Forgetting the mobile
Starting the bike, off i go

Caught in the traffic
Breathing the smoke
The clock strikes ten
As I thunder in

Sneering jeering ogling
I move past with a smile
Files move in and out
Time flies, i note nothing

Lunch boxes open up
Yesterday's soaps discussed
Fashionistas cussed
I munch on with distaste

A short call from the husband
Lights up the face
"Honey...did you see the red file?"
"Its in your bike box"!

Again it is files and ogles
Gossips and smirks
Typing away like mad
My mind rests on the lone kids

Did they have the biscuits?
Have they locked the door safe?
Ten more files to be read
Two more mails to be sent

Ride back home is faster
Beats my heart harder
Kids at home with Dora
I lunge past the signals swifter

Opening the door 
All I find are clothes strewn
Plates lying everywhere
Water flowing out of the bathrooms

Cleaning, mopping, coffee
Homework, yelling
Mighty head ache, heartless dinner
Doing the dishes I am half-dead

Comes the husband back home
Too tired to talk hello
Wait, did I have my dinner?
Seldom do I remember

Cinderella and Rapunzel
Wait for their Princes 
As I read out bedtime stories
Kissing the kids good night

As I walk back to my room
My Prince is in deep slumber
When the flickering TV says "Happy Women's Day"
All I do is gently snore!

Dedicated to all the working women out there...

p.s.: The hand made card you see above was presented by my Little Angel Leina, aged 8. Angels are not in Heaven. They make life on earth, Heaven! Life is beautiful with a girl child :)
p.p.s.: Heart felt thanks to the men in my life- It is a pleasure to be surrounded by angelic men- the husband L, my Dad, my brothers, my son, my cousin brothers, my best friends who are all men ;) ( That includes you Prasanna & Gowtham) 
p.p.p.s.: The sun is scorching down South, it has got nothing to do with this post or my cerebellum ;)


  1. I was smiling in the beginning and as I neared the end,I was struck by the reality for women at home on all days including Women's Day.Will the home come to grinding halt if she chooses to rest all day is an unanswered question as women never take rest.
    That was a nice card and thanks for the little angels around you.Lucky are P&G for earning the special mention!!

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment, KP. True, women never take rest. I only wish we could grab some sleep :P

  2. When you work, you will not have time,
    When you don't work, you will not have peace,
    It's better to work and write a poem like this,
    Rather than sitting and thinking what to cook next!

    Wonderfully written Sis!

    1. Thank you so much brother :) Welcome back to my blog :) Long time no C :P

  3. and this is when you feel MOTHERHOOD rocks!!!
    This is such a sweet gesture by her!


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