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Queen Of Spades- Part 12

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This is the story of Queen Velu Nachiyar- expelled from her own Kingdom of Sivagangai and roaming the hilly terrain of Dindugul, after 8 years, she musters the army of Hyder Ali under Syed Sahib and Gopala Naicker of Virupakshi. The final onslaught in Sivagangai saw the sad demise of Kuyili, the best friend of the Queen and a crestfallen Queen offers her support to Periya Marudhu who is devastated by the suicide of the love of his life- Kuyili.
Marudhu Pandiyar- Periya Marudhu and Chinna Marudhu- the Heroes of Poligars
" Why is she here?", he thought with abandon. He was miserable by himself. He spring up swiftly, bowing before the Queen. " You should not be here at this time, Nachi", he gently chided. Velu Nachi looked at the drooping shoulders and haggard look. These haunted eyes, drawn face and tired body- this was not Periya Marudhu. A complete stranger. " You loved her, didn't you?", she whispered. 

Periya Marudhu stood silent, his head bent. " She took away everything from me, Periya Marudhu", her voice was barely audible. " There will be no one that i can look up to. No one whom i can trust with all my heart and no one who can feel my heart", her voice was trembling by now. Periya Marudhu stood helpless watching silent tears stream down Nachi's face. " So do i feel", he clipped and looked away, unable to bear the Queen crying. The last time he saw her cry was when she held the body of a lifeless Muthuvadunagathan, which reminded him of the job at hand. 

" Tomorrow, we shall enter the Palace, Nachi...Tomorrow, Sivagangai will be totally ours. Kuyili died for us. All of us. Poligars will show the British that we have the might, the power and the determination to win back our Kingdom. Now please, go back to the tents. This one night, will be our last as a vagabonds and outcasts. Tomorrow, we enter our home. Sleep peacefully, Nachi. We have Vellachi to take care of", Periya Marudhu spoke, breaking the silent pal.

With a silent nod, Velu Nachi moved away gracefully. Periya Marudhu was left with the silent night, a desolate soul staring at the full moon above, lost in memories of the pretty damsel who was reduced to ashes. He knew the British never stood a chance with all their ammunition gone, thanks to Kuyili. Before reinforcements arrive from Madurai or Tirupathur, they could gain control of the Palace easily. A million thoughts filled his already foggy brain and he closed his eyes, too tired to think.

The morning sun's rays bathed the city of Sivagangai in hues of orange and peach as the army of Velu Nachiyar set out for the Palace. The cavalry set out first, followed by the pachyderms and the infantry followed last. The Queen sat in her favorite white stallion, marching ahead with Periya Marudhu following suit closely. Chinna Marudhu had effectively captured Thirupathur Fort and proclaimed Poligar supremacy. It was the last battle for freedom, the Queen smiled and nudged her stallion forward. 

The city of Sivagangai remained cold and silent, people following the advancing army in hordes. As the Palace gates drew near, the crowd had swelled to thousands chanting "Vetri Vel! Veera Vel!" There was no resistance at all from the tiny British army that hid in the Palace. The Nawab's forces who were already under paid and dissident, joined the Queen's army. 

As she entered the threshold of the Palace, Velu Nachi looked up, her eyes squinted against the blazing sun. Memories of a bygone period came swimming before her eyes and tears glistening in her tired eyes, she turned back to look at Periya Marudhu, close in her heels. Periya Marudhu felt the tinge of happiness as he saw his beloved Queen's face writ with happy tears. He had waited eight long years for this day. 

He touched his sword acknowledging victory and smiled at the Princess who followed him. The little Princess Vellachi who had left this Palace as a small girl was now a grown beautiful woman and now he had responsibilities to take care of. He was now the Protector of the Queen and the Princess of Sivagangai and by God, he will stand by them, till death. The sun blazed on as the cavalry filed into the Palace with chants of victory, the men and women dancing.

The battle of Poligars for Sivagangai was won in the year 1780. Queen Velu Nachiyar made Marudhu brothers her Chief Ministers who ruled the Sivagangai Kingdom until the invasion of British again in 1790, to avenge the asylum granted to Oomadurai, the brother of King Veerapandia Kattabomman. Queen Velu Nachiyar died in reins few years later, before the British invasion, circumstances of her death, unknown. Though documented as the first Queen who rose against the British rule in Indian Independence struggle, nothing much has been acknowledged by masses of India. Rani of Jhansi revolted against the British well after 70 years from the times of Velu Nachiyar. To me, Queen Velu Nachiyar is the doyen of Indian Freedom Struggle and Kuyili is one woman whose life i shall remember every time I am knocked down and I rise up again :)


p.s.: Hope this makes you happy, KP sir. I completed this series after so many breaks! My respects to you and your doggedness in cajoling me complete the series. Respects!

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  1. A very light n interesting read with lot of depth n emotions... Great work Nivedita...keep up d gud work... Cheers!!!

  2. The grim scene in the dark night that you had narrated so well made me fearful for a moment whether any harm would come to Velu nachi's cause. The eventual capture of the city and her rule for ten long years ably supported by Marudhu brothers is a crowning finale to this brave but hapless lady's fight against British.The serial but for the intermittent and long breaks was gripping throughout.
    It is thousand pities that the chroniclers of events did not find queen Velu Nachiyar's valiant and pioneering battle against the British and the recapture of Sivagangai worthy of historical mention in adequate measure.
    The loss is not that of the brave lady but that of history.

    1. Of course, yes. KP. We have lost a lot of history only because it was not documented. Thanks for your constant support throughout :)

  3. @ Cloud Nine, I have come here after a long time! I have read the earlier parts of this story but missed out some of the parts in the middle. You have a way with narrating historicals. You should seriously consider writing a novel!

    1. Thank you so much for the faith in me, Meera :) Shall try soon!

  4. வணக்கம்...

    வலைச்சரம் மூலம் உங்கள் தளத்திற்கு வருகை… Followers ஆகி விட்டேன்… தொடர்கிறேன்... இந்த வார வலைச்சர ஆசிரியருக்கு நன்றி...

    உங்களின் தளம் வலைச்சரத்தில் அறிமுகப்படுத்தி உள்ளது... வாழ்த்துக்கள்...

    மேலும் விவரங்களுக்கு கீழுள்ள இணைப்பை சொடுக்கவும்... நன்றி...

    அறிமுகப்படுத்தியவர் : ராஜி அவர்கள்

    அறிமுகப்படுத்தியவரின் தள இணைப்பு : காணாமல் போன கனவுகள்

    வலைச்சர தள இணைப்பு : ஞாபகம் வருதே! ஞாபகம் வருதே!


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