Saturday, 6 February 2016

You and me...

I want to do with you
What spring does with cherry trees.
I long to watch over
What mother cares with a newborn.
I ache waking the nights
As you count the desert stars.
The fire, the thirst rages on
Unquenched as the tempest unfurls.
We walk the world worlds apart
Dreams intertwined with sweat.
When you will look at me
Find a zillion stars flashing.
The farther we move everyday
The souls bind us in a dance.
I die with eyes open
Hoping they see you explode.
We're destined to be together
As the sea and the horizon.
Cherry blossoms hang along
Rivers of passion keep flowing...
p.s.: I am back. This time, for good!
p.p.s.: I've quit Railways. Their loss, not mine ;)
p.p.p.s.: The next post will be the Part 1 of Queen of Diamonds, the last in the Queens' Trilogy :)


  1. Welcome back after a long break.Two things make me happy.First you have assured your continuous presence in the blog and the promise to complete the pending story.The trilogy of queens would be ready for a publisher to grab.Best wishes
    What is this bombshell of quitting a permanent job?

  2. Dear KP! Thanks a lot for your continuous support. Yes, I've quit Railways for good. Couldn't find it worth my time and effort. I don't think I'm destined to sit in a counter and issue ten rupees ticket life long. Bigger dreams. Better future😊👍


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