Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Calls- unsolicited!

Shocker 1:

The moment my head hit the pillow, i was asleep. Somewhere far from me, i could hear my mobile's ring ring. Too sleepy to open my eyes, i fumbled for it on the pillow nearby. After a few seconds of groping in the dark, i opened my right eye a wee bit and looked at the clock. It read 10.30 pm. Now my search was almost frantic, lest the incessant ring wake up L peacefully snoring nearby. I finally got hold of the silly thing and wrung its neck- i meant pressed the green button. The voice on the other side was chirpy, too bright for a late night call. The person calling wanted to know his berth number for Rockfort Express about to leave from the platform. Now this person was one of my friend's friend and could have got my number from her, but frankly, is night 10.30 a right time to call a total stranger and ask if their ticket got confirmed? Probably the person thought of me as a super computer that remembers every PNR she comes across on a day. 

And what guts he had to remind me- " Madam, i booked my ticket in your counter two days back". Oh wow! his IQ amazed me so much. I book tickets for an average of 100 people a day and how do i remember this particular person and his berth number? I sat there staring stupidly at the mobile and managed to say- " Please check the chart on the station entrance" and tried to dutifully get back to sleep. That is when my own James Bond woke up and asked the momentary question- " Who is that?" By the time i could explain who it was and what he wanted, L was almost nearing boiling point! 

Shocker 2:

There was another incident a few months back. Poor me was admitted in a hospital for a surgery and was recuperating the same day. Thinking his darling daughter would need a mobile in case of an emergency, Daddy left my mobile near the bed stand. I lay there in the hospital looking blank at the ceiling as my memory faded in and out- the after effect of anesthesia. My right hand punctured and IV fluid administered, i could barely keep myself sane. Daddy had gone to buy me some medicines. 

That is when the mobile chose to ring. After the same legendary groping, i found it and after great difficulty lifted it with my good left arm. The other side cooed a good morning. " Madam, we are calling from XYZ insurance. Anything might happen to us at any moment. So, please subscribe for our company's insurance plan". My foot, i was already sick to the core, slipping in and out of consciousness and God only knows the expletives that marketing executive might have heard that day! And funnily enough, i was so fuzzy, yet i remembered all those expletives banned ages ago, by Mom at home! That meant i was doing just great!

Shocker 3:

This happened a few years back. A hot summer afternoon and we were all dozing at home when the phone rang. Dad who was sleeping nearby picked it up and sat bolt upright. He kept saying- " Oh", " great", " so?" and "ok, ok" so many times that i too woke up from my slumber, thinking he hit the jackpot. And when he handed over the phone to me, looking quizzically at him, i picked it up. The lady on the other side informed dad won a lucky draw and wanted to know if he had any summer vacation programs and i said a big NO. 

She babbled her company was providing a package- 4 days, three nights stay in Goa for a couple, free of cost! There was a little problem though- they wanted Dad to go with his wife. With our Mom dead and gone for five years then, i mustered all my patience and asked if he could go alone, for which the reply was the negative. Negative again, when i asked if someone else from our family could accompany him. That is when she and her sing song voice got to my nerves and i blurted out- " No problem madam, by the way, what are your plans this summer?" That is when i heard the WHAM of the receiver banged on my ears! 

The DNC letters of my mobile have almost worn out of sending Do Not Call SMS to my network provider ( he must probably be snoring away in his Antilla when i answer unwanted calls- how dare he?). They eat away your money and provide your numbers to unwanted marketing agencies who in turn call at the most inopportune moments selling anything under the sun! It is always Sunday afternoon 3 O' clock to sell mutual funds, loans and Monday morning 10 O' clock for holiday time shares;) And it is always a crowded wedding hall when they call up for your salary details regarding the bank loan you dread! So ladies and gentlemen, calling me the next time to sell insurance, mutual fund, cars, loans, jewellery, designer wear or inner wear- beware! I am going to sue you! You heard it right- SUE YOU. 


  1. Superb Intro... He He Picture is also apt :)

    Excellent writing keep impressing ;)
    Good luck !

    -Deepak Karthik

  2. CN, I laughed at the first shocker like anything.. and guys beware CN may fire you.. Good one..

    Someone is Special

  3. forgot to wish you.. 50 followers rock on..

    Someone is Special

  4. hmmm....funny....I hope you are feeling well....after these shockers...what life be without them?

  5. Simple solution dont answer calls from unknown numbers unless keeps ringing three times in a row means the other person is really intending to speak to YOU not a customer or potential client!! That has kept me happy for a while now!!!!

  6. Undoubtedly a big nuisance.Your shockers amply proved the point.But the end to these pesky calls does not seem to be anywhere in sight.
    A thoroughly enjoyable post bringing out our helplessness.If someone in power decress that I would get Rs.500 for every unsolicited call to me ,I wouldn't mind receiving them!!

  7. For keeping away telemarketing executives I used to have this simple idea. If a lady calls tell her to call back after 8pm. If its a man tell him to call before 8am for discussion.

  8. Yes these kind of callers can be a pain to say the least!! I think it is very wrong on the part of people to sell databases with numbers! I was once rushing to catch a flight- the phone rang and I answered wondering if it was some kind of emergency - there it was a chirpy voice asking if I was interested in some sort of savings product!!! I find that my daughter is very liberal about sharing my mobile number whenever she is presented with a feedback form at resturants ( she is crazy about filling in forms!!!). So I guess I know who is the culprit!

  9. unwanted calls could be pretty painful.
    Wonder what would it mean for the telecallers to handle barage of unhappy customers. I try to be nice to them - most of the times.

  10. HAHAHAHAH poor you and pooor your Mr L . Poor you on the hospital bed. :D
    I am sorry for laughing at your expense.
    I am always butchered at the wrong times with such calls. Esp the customer car stupid calls!

  11. @ Deepak- Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the post. Shall sure write more and impress more;)

    @ Brother SiS- thank you yaar! Yeah, these people get to your nerves at times:P

  12. @ SIS- Thank you brother! Yeah, it is fifty, indeed! I didn't notice that. Thanks a ton!

    @ Thinking- yeah...what would be life without these people? I might have missed a great topic for a post;) Thanks for the comment.

  13. @ Anonymous- Thanks for the comment. Yes, it would be better if we don't attend such calls at the first ring. Still, unknown numbers might be someone's emergency too!

    @ KP- Rs. 500 for a marketing call? That sounds just perfect! May be i would sit at home and earn a fortune:P Thanks for the constant encouragement!

  14. @ Harish- LOL!!! That is one helluva idea;) I am following suit- shall henceforth ask them to call back at the (in)appropriate time;))) Thanks for the comment.

    @ Meera- They didn't spare you too? And so it is your daughter who leads them to your number? Hahaha! May be i should send you a bag full of application forms, to quench her thirst of form- filling:P Thanks for your constant support!

  15. @ Mayank- thanks for the comment. That you remain so poised and calm at such adversities is just great! I can't maintain that cool exterior:P

    @ Redhanded- It is just fine to keep laughing, good for your health:P Keep laughing and rocking! Thanks for your comment.

  16. Hahahahaha. Oh my gosh how annoying.

    They do seem to call at the very worst moments don't they?

    I support your threat to sue them. Who knows, you may be lucky and get rich if you do : )

  17. @ Mimi- Thank you for the comment. Great idea...let me earn some bucks too:P

  18. You have showed great perseverance behind the blog. It’s been enriched since the beginning. I love to share to with my friends. Carry on.


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