Thursday 13 October 2011

Women drive me mad...

The afternoon sun blazes by and i race past in my bike, trying to concentrate on the road. My thoughts are somewhere, when i catch a glimpse of raven black hair billowing near by. The girl in the scooty jizzes past with her thick locks flying everywhere, some whipping my face in the process...Achoooooo! I send out a sound sneeze and my bike almost threatens to topple down. Damn! These girls...I grit my teeth. What probably increased the irritation was not the sneeze, but the vision of waist length straight hair blowing out from under the cap. Fuming in indignation and helplessness- my locks never grow down the nape, they cling strongly to the skull and refuse to grow, just like my own self!

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It is pretty scary when i see women with lose locks fluttering who whizz by on busy roads. By the way ladies, how do you manage to untangle the frizzy hair when you reach home? There is another tribe who cover everything, starting from hair to the finger nails to toe nails. Probably they escaped somewhere from the Middle east- every millimetre of their body covered. The hair- i seldom see beyond the dupattas draped as odnis, the face- half covered by a BIG shades, probably a gift from cunning boy friends- who ensure the entire face of their sweet hearts is never visible! The rest- is covered by dupatta as usual and the gloves that cover the hand upto the forehand looks kind of funny! I feel like roaring in laughter when the dusky darling reveals her face- reaching her place...All this pain to maintain this complexion, dear? Ufff...women and their vanity...

The worst thing about women who drive is the flowing dupattas...Some let it lose, just to gain some space to drive! Afraid that these nooses will strangle their necks, men maintain careful space when these flag-dupatta girls drive nearby! It was shocking when i watched two such episodes when such dupattas caught up with vehicles nearby and the ladies rolled over...We must probably ban the dupatta costume for women who drive. And the speed with which menfolk rush to help the women who fall off bikes will put any social worker to shame! Quicker than lightning, i must say!

It might take two minutes to tie our hair in a tight bun or pull it as a ponytail. We need safe drivers on road, not Rapunzels! And as for the over-doing girls who cover everything- please do cover your tops with the shawls- they are meant only for that...Save the poor guys from falling into pits, seeing your attire. And another kind request- do wash your scarves and gloves atleast once a year- every Diwali, may be? I detest it when you use it as your personal suffocant in terms of emergency. A pepper spray might be decent! Above all, we are driving to reach a place safe and without hassle. Our ride is not a race to showcase our driving prowess! Drive cautiously and responsibly!


  1. hmmm....pity...women here can't ride bike...I wish I could...

    But anyways...if I could...I would have followed the proper instructions...

  2. Hey,I hurt myself laughing early morning at 3 reading your side splitting riotous post.What a wild imagination you have !! Where are the girls on scooters you talk about with hair upto hip except when they dress their hair with sauri and deck it with thazamboo and raakkudi with glittering jewels all the way upto the tip of the plait on their wedding days!!!

  3. @ Thinking- Yes, only people who are not permitted to drive will understand how precious is this freedom to drive:( Having spent almost 4 years in Saudia, i know and respect my freedom to drive:))) Not everyone is lucky. And i appreciate your responsibility!

    @ KP- ahhhhhhh...sauri, thazhamboo, hair jewels...KP, you are indeed wicked, prompting me to write my next post on hair attachment malfunctions!!! Thanks for the idea;)Glad my post had you in splits!

  4. When Romeos have fun on bike riding, why can't Juliets have it? Even my sister rides on splender, all the fun ended with her marriage!

    Fun on roads never ends, as long us we have mood! Even I am afraid following girls when they preceeds me on the road! When they turn left or turn right, even they never know! Hope these girls may be dreaming while driving. I always maintain a safe distance, to return home safely!

    When talking about helping a fallen girl, it depends upon the injury percentage, if it seems serious, nobody appears! If it is a remove area, even the girls hand bag, jewels are being stolen away!

    I do appriciate the girls covering from hair to toe nail, they still have fun on both driving and maitraining their beauty!

    Let us utilize the freedom what we have! Poor Middle east girls!

  5. @ Janaki- too afraid of these women in armor? It is despicable that they don't give a care about others driving on the road. And lol on your comment that you maintain a safe distance from them:P you want girls covering everything? That is good in maintaining the complexion and hair, but what about the open tops?;)Agreed with your tag line, yes, we ought to enjoy the freedom, but responsibly is what i reiterate:)Thank you so much for the elaborate comment!

  6. Totally agree with you. In the Madras heat, every time , I see these creatures, I wonder how do they tolerate the heat, with all these contraptions, and the gloves, really freaks me out. Seeing them I feel so hot.
    And it is really irritating to see people leaving their dupataas, flying carelessly, with a kid standing in front and a kid sitting at the back, and their school bags, her handbag and what not, riding a two wheeler, it is too much, I keep worrying about their safety.
    One of my niece had an accident with her own dupataa getting caught in the moped she was riding. I don't know when these people would ever learn to be safe. I think the best way is to ban such dangerous things.

    1. Yeah mam,I agree but covering faces is a good idea for tackling the heat in Madras

  7. LOL... this is really funny! About open locks I think the Chennai garbage disposal trucks would put an end to this coz they lumber around everywhere and one could easily catch pieces of garbage on one's hair if it is left loose. BTW I was once on a bus with a collegue traveling to Pondicherry. There as a girl sitting in front of us with her hair loose. It kept blowing onto my colleague's face and finally at his request I asked her to tie it up. He calls it "sexual harassment of men"

  8. Yes in Chennai also, they do the same, women and College girls cover fully from top to bottom with their dupattas and ride carelessly with properly tying them. But Nowadays People can't avoid it because of raising heat, dust and vehicle emissions,surely we need to protect from it right??

    I too cover my face whenever I go to the college and my friends also dot the same

    But covering face is a good Idea

    Ride safe girls 😃😃


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