Saturday, 1 October 2011

Moving to Afghanistan...

Why don't we move? To Bangladesh? Or better still, to Afghanistan...Taliban warlords are far better than our Planning Commission Members. Now you know where Cloud Nine is headed to! The most adored man by economists of India, only next to Mr. "Mann"mohan Singh is our M.S. Ahluwaliah. Born with silver spoons and educated in Oxford- all our Indian economists share the same traits, don't they? And what is it with bureaucrats who always think they are "above ordinary"? The moment they sit on those turkey towel clad cushion chairs, these men do have that special "aura" surrounding them!
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This is a personal invitation to Mr Montek Singh Ahluwaliah to live in Attaiyampatti and Alamarathupatti. I would be glad to provide him and his army of 'book-bug' economists Rs. 26 every morning and see how he survives. A cup of tea in the morning costs Rs. 5, breakfast Rs. 10, lunch Rs. money for lunch Mr Dy Secretary! And dinner- forget it, gentlemen! So what do 'aam admi' do for his other expenses starting from housing to education, including medical expenses? Sugar costs Rs. 30 a kg and cooking oil costs Rs. 90. "Aam admi" is lathi- charged in PDS shops where serpentine queues swell into unruly mobs, all to receive a kilogram of lentils at Rs. 40. I would love to hog tie the Members, Planning Commission and make them stand in my PDS queue every month to buy rice, wheat, sugar and oil.  

And what about our poor two- wheelers? They are parked at our doorways gathering dust. Who will check the price of petroleum? Probably we ought to find alternate source of energy to run our vehicles- why not half RC Whiskey for a ride of 50 kms? Works out cheaper than a litre of petrol! And you can have a 'tipsy' drive too! The cost of housing has sky-rocketed in the cities so much that at the rate of Rs 26 and Rs 32 a day, we can buy a duplex bungalow in posh localities...Dear babus, come out of your Government allotted bungalows and spend a day in our humble abodes. As austerity measure, why don't we slash your pay packets? We ought to make rural service and 'ordinary' living a compulsion for these Planning Commission Members. 

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"Aam admi" has taken enough of all these...After all those white kurta- dhoti clad politicians, it is now the turn of Bureaucrats to intimidate the poor man. Sad to say, the hide is so thick for our 'aam admi' that he can take anything! So, let us cut short our dhotis, diet every night and walk everywhere. Or better still, we could have Afghan visas stamped in our passports and move on...I hear petrol in Afghanistan is cheaper than India!


  1. So true... I dont understand why people speak about things which they have no idea about..
    These rich lads who are born with a silver spoon can never understand the pains of a normal person...
    They are too ignorant :0

  2. Yes these politicians are useless. I can't understand why the Universe is so good to them,for they may wreck havoc in ordinary people's lives, but still remain absolutely free of any guilt feeling, and they are never punished, and even during their illness they have the best facilities, even if they are any way meant to die.
    I feel that they should not have an easy death, they, should remain alive suffering every minute.
    But what can I do whatever I propose, God disposes.

  3. @ Mani- thanks for dropping by:)

    @ Madhulika- Rightly said dear. Yes, they have no inkling of a common man's plight. Thanks for the comment:)

    @ Rama- Thanks for the comment. How much ever they commit mistakes, they are saved:(((

  4. That is a brilliant piece full of biting sarcasm by you.I am yet to come out of its spell.
    You have expressed your anguish and anger in unmistakable terms.Theoritical economists harping on GDP growth alone with scant regard for the miserable conditions in which the vast majority live in rural side can never make things better.We are following crony capitalism with national wealth being concentrated in the hands of a few rich business houses.There should be a peremptory and total change in the way our economy is run.We need political leaders with compassion aware of the crude reality that is obtaining in the villages.

  5. Dear KP, thanks a ton! I was awaiting your comment:) The bureaucracy is yet to wake up from its slumber, lest they find life miserable one fine morning!

  6. hmmm....why not come to Pakistan...but you will find the same politicians only a little difference in appearence and names...

  7. Beautifully written post. Loved the tone of it, not too loud, but the message conveyed in crystal clear manner...
    The politicians will never understand the difficulties faces by the common man, they live in their own sweet bubble.
    Have a nice day.

  8. @ Thinking- thanks a lot for the comment:) Pakistan? LOL!!! Both the sides are the SAME!!!

    @ Arti- thanks for the comment and yes, why would they look into our problems when they are filthy rich?:(

  9. Dear Cloud nine, are you sure of getting three meals for Afghani. 26at Afghnistan? We can not drink Petrol, instead!

  10. @ janaki- thanks for reminding me that:P Sure, do Arabs drink petrol??? You have petrol, KFC and Big Mac come calling at your doorstep:P

  11. I recommend to revise the pay to all employees at Planning commission as 30x26=INR 780 x N Per month, (N= No. of family member = husband + Wife + Kids). For example, for a five member family, the salary shall be INR 3,900 Per Month including all allowances and perks. Whether Mr. Ahluwaliya is ready to accept this?

  12. Dear Janaki, that is some nice recommendation. Lets see if Planning commission accepts this proposal;) And i must say, you are better in such calculations than Ahluwaliah....what say?:P


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