Friday, 9 September 2011

Dear Mr PC

Dear Mr PC,

This letter was overdue for almost a year. Be it facing the press at adverse times or paying respect to Madamji, you are a winner. You were chiseled for the post of Home Minister, right from your regal Chettinad days. May be this Royal blood lured the Heiress of Gandhi Hosuehold to your financial prowess. I always gasped in awe at your finance policies when you were the Finance Minister. You were a pucca Chettinad scion, saving the entire nation from economic doom. So far, so good.

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You helped Indian economy set sail on turbulent seas, you robbed us middle class in broad day light by tax, tax and further taxes. Your 'economic freedom' in Indian markets brought us flashy cars that drink petrol like Dracula, eateries like KFC and Big Mac who help(?) Indian middle class being converted to a big trash bin and thanks to you, our urban middle class starts their day chewing wrigleys and ends it drowning a pepsi. You freed the markets and tied our hands by representing Enron and Vedanta who have been wiping India off its natural resources. Thanks to you, Enron and Dhabol is back with a bang! And we love the way you address Madamji- with reverence and utmost respect!

You made yourself laughing stock when you commented on Indian Intelligence Failure on 13/7- " Having no intelligence in this case, however, doesn't mean that there was a failure on the part of intelligence agencies". Bravo! What an observation by the Harvard MBA! No wonder Madamji likes your intelligence. The whole wide world knows the vote margin (3354 in a constituency of 7,00,000 voters) by which you won the 2009 Elections from Sivaganga, defeating(!) Mr Kannappan at the last counting stage, where results were delayed. We all know how the Congress Mafia brought you to power, by probably distributing the famous laddus to the Returning Officer...By hook or crook, you became our Home Minister and alas you failed to protect your own ancestral home at Sivaganga! Happy thieves spent five days, cooking meals and running errands inside the locked house. And i hear they are still at large...aren't they, dear Home Minister? Such a selfless man dedicated to the nation, you don't have the time to look into such trivial matters...
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And as any typical Indian politician you are promoting your son Karthi- the ex discotheque owner as a stalwart in Congress. No wonder Congress nurtures such RISING SONS...WikiLeaks revelations about Karthi may have dealt a blow to the youngster's political ambitions, but you know, we Indians have short memory. We have already forgotten the Cash for votes allegations by Assange. Karthi Chidambaram's political aspirations solely rest on your able shoulders, sir, and i am sure you will certainly see to it that he is catapulted into National Stardom like Ra(h)ul...A day will come when we will be ruled by Ra(h)ul the PM, Karthi his able HM and not to worry, Dr Manmohan Singh will sure be grateful silently to continue as FM. A nice Government it would make, a Government OF the Congress Scions, BY the Congress Scions and FOR the Congress Scions. ( Crossing myself, God save my countrymen!) A small mention of Jarnail Singh here would be a fitting tribute to end this post- THANK YOU, for what we couldn't do Mr Jarnail Singh!!! Just a doubt- Was that a nike shoe??? We promote "free market"!

Here is the link to what Jarnail Singh did to PC...


  1. That was a real nice one! Loved the tongue in cheek humour Please remember to post it to Mr. PC... :-)

  2. ThanQ dear Meera:) I had the inkling you would be the first to comment on this post and you would just love the pun:P Thanx again!

  3. I don't think I have much to say in this case because I think I do not understand it.
    I won't touch on what has been said in the subsequent paras, but regarding the top para, either we can open our markets and eventually our pockets to all sorts of industries and get along with it, or return to the pre 1991 era with closed markets and stunted growths. He sure might have helped adding choices into the market, but he never touched the wisdom of anyone except himself. Even middle class people, we, should know what is required and what not.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. a satirical article as usual from my friend cloud 9! :D

    Politics is now a 'family business' everywhere....look at our african leaders also!

  5. Dear BA, thanks for the comment...yes, middle class must be knowing what they ask for, but sadly they just don't!

    Dear Ibhade, thanks for the comment, same story in Nigeria too??? Yikes!

  6. Hi! You have been tagged with an award on my blog.Best Wishes..:)


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