Sunday, 25 September 2011

The 100th Post!

This is Cloud Nine's 100th Post! And a come back after a short hiatus. Having read so many bloggers' 100th post that thanks everyone in blogosphere for reading, commenting and revisiting the blog, i sucks to write a Memorial Service post;) So, here i go, in my original tongue-in- cheek style...

1. A 100 posts, i pat myself, God thank you for giving me so much free time to while away as a useless muse in Here after, see to it that this lady attends office properly on time and does her laundry on time, rather than typing away mad posts in the middle of the night!

2. One person who would be immensely happy if the missus stops blogging would probably be the Mister of the House who has to talk to the pillow every night, crooning his love, when the lady love tears her hair frantically trying to write something funny. Fun at the cost of a man who works 12 hours a day, who definitely needs a change and few loving words from a kind wife. Thank you Almighty, Mister didn't get ideas of kicking the lady's butt off his house! And Mister was kind enough to "adjust" with the multicolored inner wear that entered the laundry white and were spat out in vivid myriad colors- thanks to the dutiful Missus who attends to the laptop more than the washing machine!

3. Two little devils were having field day when Momma was busy with her leopard printed mad box. They had all the time in the world to paint the house walls with colorful water colors, mould and imprint color clay on the carpets, inserting pencils in the plug points to check the power supply, open- close- open game of the water taps in the bathrooms and cut paste papers on the fridge! Poor them, if Momma doesn't blog, how could they ever rag the pet dogs? Little devil two misses her dog training lessons now...Ronnie and Dixcy are a happy lot- Madam of the house trains the little devil now and they can now breathe in peace!

4. Facebook friends- ah...what would i be, without their LIKES and COMMENTS? Thrust compulsorily and marketed vigorously, poor them HAD to visit the blog once in a few days when Madam posts something new. And worse, if madam catches you online, beware, you have to answer a volley of questions regarding the post! You can't feign reading them...Poor you! Tsk...tsk...It was fun watching all friends go offline the moment Madam goes online- like a power shutdown!!! Madam is extremely grateful for the few souls who treaded the dangerous waters and had the patience to comment on the posts. Those Facebook friends who never visited the blog...grrrrrrr...Madam prays you fail in the next semester exams!

5. How can i forget my blogger friends? My physics master would be happy if he heard i finally deciphered Newton's Third Law! Every comment in friend's blog will be rewarded by a comment in your own blog;) So that means the comments given is proportional to the comments given! But then, to get those comments, i had to browse through many many blogs- some: too good, some: good but nevertheless, entertaining! Reading others' blogs helped me overcome my terrible fascination for mills and boon finally, in my early thirties!

So it is finally a BIG THANK YOU to Almighty for bringing me back to life with all vibrancy and all those smiles...Reading every feedback has done eons to boost my self esteem and constant bickering from the Mister who asks- "when is your next post?"  has shaped up what Cloud Nine is today- Confident and Righteous. So, if someone ever thought "Thank God, she has shut her mouth finally", Sorry folks, I AM BACK!!!


  1. The Madamjee is back after the short hiccup break. I still remember the post u wrote about the train one. People calling to knw and the office one.

  2. hmmm....CONGRATS...and a big hug..too....

    Keep it have done so well....

    Take Care and Enjoy.

  3. I like it!!! Thank god you realise atleast ppl have been forced to read your blogs although turned out to be a gu pastime read! Would prefer if ppl read ur posts at ther own time!!
    ;-P Love your work life balance!! ;-P Kudos to the men in your house! Lol

  4. And it's great to have you back.

    Blogging is addictive - leaves Mr fuming. Agree :D

  5. wen all u hear abt is d 99's in d cricketing arena, readin abt a 100 feels gud :)
    keep churnin out d wonderful stuf u do
    *hope ur hand is cumin along wel*

  6. Wow, you're a tough blogger...n an even tougher friend n missus!:P:D:D
    ANyways, 100 posts is a HUGE milestone! I've no clue if i'll ever reach there! COngos, lady...n hats off!

  7. Dear Red, thanks for your comment and visit:)Glad you remember few earlier posts!

    Dear Thinking- hey, thanks a lot for the wish...Hugs to you too:)

  8. Hearty congrats for that great ton. And a big welcome back. :)

  9. Congratulations. Love the hilarious streaks in your posts. You have knack of writing them. Looking forward for more.

  10. Hey! for a few time.. i missed some of ur valuable blogs due to circumstances. and my value sys says its nt rationale to comment on the blog with out full reading and deeper interpretation . All the best on yr way to become a hindu colunist likes of Rasheeda bhagat , G Parthasarathi etcs...


  11. @ Naveen- thanks mate:P For being one among the men of the house!!!

    @ Purba- thanks dear...Hope your Mister too is fuming:P

  12. @ Sadiya- thanks a ton. Will sure try to live upto your expectations.

    @ Indhumathy Sukanya- thanks a lot dear. Yes, poor friends and mister:)))

  13. @ Rama- Thank you so much!

    @ Harish- Thanks a lot and thats a nice welcome * blush***

  14. @ LKrupaa- Thanks a lot for your kind words of encouragement. Will sure write more:)

    @ Kamalika- Gee! Thanks mate. Heartfelt THANKS for the warm wish:)

  15. Superb! Back with a BANG!!! 100 is really BIG! Congratulations CN, and here's wishing you many more, Keep it going strong :D

  16. Congratulations, today you might really be on cloud nine right? Or you just came back from there to write this? The last time I checked in, you were headed out. Was it destination Cloud Nine?

    Anyhow, congratulations!

    And about the bloggers commenting back, it's like a love quote by Beatles,

    In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

    Keep writing, and I do hope that other physical entities of your house do bear up with you.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  17. Hearty Congratulations!!
    Your rib tickling blog is one that I would never miss.May 100 become 500 before long.

  18. @ Arti- thanks a lot dear for the kind words of encouragement:)

    @ Dear BA- thank you for the lovely comment, especially the quote by Beatles:) You made my day;) Smiling already! Yes, i am back...

  19. Dear KP- was waiting for your comment and blessings:) Thanks a ton for the nice comment!

  20. How I missed this celebrations.. Congratulations CN.. I always love your sincerity in your writings.. I thank God for helping me to find a good writer like you.. Write on...

    more and many more.. may be 1000 or even 10,000 or more.. Enjoy blogging..

    Someone is Special

  21. Awww...thats a sweet comment, dear SiS:) Thanks a lot mate for your kind wishes. Hope you enjoy London!


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