Tuesday, 19 April 2011

To be or not to be...The Versatile Blogger!

This is one nail- biting dilemma. I was so happy to see the message from my dear fellow blogger Meera Sundararajan who has graciously awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award, along with two more lovely bloggers. I really don't know how my lunatic style and haphazard babbles impressed her so much, i am really humbled...Thanks a lot dear Meera! Now as the chain of awards must move on, i have to write 7 honest things about me, mine and myself...ahem...ahem...Truth about me is always unnerving, especially when it is in public forums. So, here I go about me-

1. My mother thought- Oh no...and the Doctor said- " Shut up!" when i was born, till this moment i keep my babbles on. My mother suffered 24 years of my blabbering and finally gave up when she left for her Heavenly abode, handing over the baton to my dearest Hubby. I am such a talkative, all my friends seldom get the chance to air their views when with me...which they find it convenient enough, so that they can remain engrossed in their own thoughts. The first thing i love about me is TALKING.

2. I can never mask my feelings. It is absurd to cloak everything behind a pleasing smile. I am explosive emotionally- i cry at every masala movie's climax and laugh at any cartoon- especially my friends Tom and Jerry! My dear friends know that and always give me some space when i am upset. Anger brings out the worst in me- i can sure pluck your eyes out when i am in anger. Over years, i have tried to master the art of silence when in anger but in vain.The only person who can understand and bear with my emotional topsy-turvy is again my poor Hubby dear.

3. Social issues have always intrigued me, i try to reason out and think rationally on any issue. I hate women who are utterly selfish enough to watch serials, cook sambar and sleep at nightfall. As women, we have the power to think, to express, to change the way the world is today. It is horrible to be sitting at home and tasting chicken biriyani when Anna Hazare is fasting! As responsible citizens WE the people have some responsibilities and duties towards our country. It is irritating when people talk for hours about cricket and don't even know what is RTI...

4. I am very bad when it comes to judging people. I fall for the wrong people at the wrong time and end up being miserable. I trust anyone easily and it is only after a few tears and fasting episodes i learn my lesson. Well, till i trust the next person which happens in the next few seconds! I have lost a lot of friends because i trusted too much and by now, i have learnt to mistrust everyone.

5. I am more of a family person, my children, my husband and my family comes first in any situation. If i were career-oriented like most of my peers and friends, i wouldn't be here blogging, but cutting away some one on a surgery table- or rather, i would be scratching my head and some books in some office as an auditor! I believe raising responsible children is far more important than cleansing the society off its ills.

6. Though i am not a culinary expert, i love to tickle my taste buds a lot. I love to try out new dishes at home or at restaurants. As one of my friend pointed out- I live to eat, not eat to live;) I love my coffee with three spoons sugar, i like to end every biriyani with a coke and i finish any meal with a dessert. No one knows when life will be snuffed out, so taste any delicacy, indulge yourself and simply put- live life tastefully!

7. I love these lines of Robert Frost-
" The woods are lovely dark and deep,
But i have promises to keep
And miles to go before i sleep,
And miles to go before i sleep."
These were the words written by Mother on my bedroom walls before she died and i take it as her last message for me. I wish my writings ignite a tiny spark in a hundred hearts and bring about a hundred smiles.

Now is the toughest task of nominating three Versatile Bloggers.
My first choice of Versatile Blogger would be my first blogger friend Susie Johnson. Stuck in the Sandbox and scratching my brains as to what to do next, i came across her blog googling and i fell in love with susiesbigadventure. Her voice is bold, clear and righteous from the dark land. I hope her voice reaches many more people just as it had reached me. She writes elaborately about life in Saudi Arabia, which is totally behind the iron curtains. I took to blogging only because of her and i am happy to name her as THE VERSATILE BLOGGER.

My serious, sedate and at times dull style of writing underwent a sea-change when i started reading blogs from India, especially my heart-throb blogger Purba Ray's A-musing. Purba has a distint humor current underlying in every word of her posts and i am a HUGE fan of hers. Her persistence and deft handling of even serious subjects humorously must earn her more name and fame. I wish she writes a book soon- Purba, dying to buy the first copy!

Another of my fellow blogger Sadiya Merchant's Yeh Life hai...take it lightly is another lovely blog. Sadiya is certainly a great Versatile blogger, she handles topics humorously and touchingly as well. Her letter from a child is one of my favorite reads. I wish her good luck in writing more such lovely posts.
All said, thanks for your rounds of applause friends, do visit these blogs and relish great posts by all these Versatile Bloggers. And thanks again dear Meera, for the recognition and faith in me! Good luck to you too!


  1. Sounds like an ode to hubby dear who understands a girl perpetually on cloud nine?.

    And i discovered we have a lot in common - I trust easily, cry and laugh at the drop of a hat and I live to eat :))

    It was a pleasure knowing the ebullient "cloud nine".

    And I am glad to make your heart throb (insert a secret yayyy). Mucho thanks for you kind words.

  2. Hahaha...yeah, precariously perched on Cloudnine, perhaps...Happy to note we have lot in common, its this passion that keeps the blogs going:)Wishing you many more laurels dear Purba:)

  3. hmm....nice to know about you so much...

    And Congrats !

  4. aloha!
    i mus admit i wudn have guessed all those things abt u n its rather inspiring to see someone want to change so many things fr d better :)
    thnx once again!

  5. 1)So talkin now bcame blogging.
    2.Why worry we had seen most of the times with being angry is ur basic trait.

    3> is there any point in we ppl talking social Issues for hrs ... for which V dont have any hold literally.Wait our states men are capabl of corruptin Anna Hazzare. wait they will succeed.
    7.That suits every one... you may watch the park on the sides of the road ... but ur motif is to travel .. keep moving..and ur writings are good enough to create spark.. tht is for sure

  6. Very well written, its really tough to be honest and write about oneself :)

    And I completely agree with the choice of Purba, her blog rocks :) Let me now check out the other two as well...

  7. Yes my dear I can see a lot of me in you 1 I wonder if it is the Trichy link ( my grandparents used to live and I used to spend all my vacations there)? But all the same I like what you write. You fully deserve the award!

  8. Dear Thinking, Thanks a lot for your visit and comment:)

  9. Dear Sadiya, thanks a lot for your comment. Keep the spirit glowing:) Would love to read more from you...

  10. Dear Anonymous- seems you know me better than my own self!!! Amazing that you remember even little things:)Shall sure keep moving and writing...Writing is mow symonymous to breathing for me now:)

  11. Dear Siddharth, thanks a lot for your visit and comment here. Humbled:) Purba Di is my favorite blogger and i am happy she is yours too! Do read the other blogs and express yourself:) Good luck!

  12. Dear Meera- Blush blush blush...;)Thanks a lot. I love Trichy for how it is- bumpy roads, indiscrete power cuts, ugly neighbourhoods. Albeit the same, i love to watch Ranganathar in Muththangi Sevai, i love Uchchi Pillaiyar, Kaveri in the month of Aadi, Aiyappan Temple, St Joseph's Church, busy Malaivasal, malli saadham in kaiyendhi bavans near malaivasal, TKS santhana kadai...Trichy is not just a city, it means too mcuh to me.Awwwwww...tempting me to write a new post;) Thanks!

  13. The blog is very good!

  14. Congrats, you deserve it, I was about to give it to you, but you have already got it, good. Enjoy your award, and do write about Thiruchy. My father too is from Srirangam, a typical Vaishanavaite's place, and he has a house there and keeps visiting off and on from Chennai.

  15. Dear Nel,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable time and comment:)

  16. Dear Rama, thanks a lot for your sweet comment! Waiting to photograph the lovely places in and around Trichy. Will sure write an elaborate post on the city we love:)

  17. Not just on cloud nine, the blog seems to be headed to a high flight.

    Keep babbling and amusing. Waiting for an incessant supply. Enjoyed. Thanks! :)

  18. Dear Formerly delirious:) Presently fabulous;) Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. Babbling shall continue after a break;)


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