Saturday 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding- will it work this time?

My mouth still agape with wonder, i write this post! The Royal Wedding is finally over, we got to see a pretty Duchess and her equally lovely sister. The couple have left for undisclosed location in a chopper, may be to the Kenyan Game Reserve where cupid struck for both of them. Lady Di must be in happy tears Above and must be praying her son finds her daughter-in-law interesting for a few years atleast! The interest Kate's Wedding attire and the wedding itself generated was so huge that our 2G, Kalmadi dins faded away into oblivion. Kalmadi would have secretly wished the shoe that nearly missed him was Alexander McQueen's Royal creation, not an old Bata!
Kate's Ivory Duchesse satin shoe by Alexander  McQueen
Wouldn't it be Heaven to be hit with this marvel, Mr Kalmadi?

The entire Wedding ceremony was on a cost-cutting spree, starting from the Volkswagon buses that transported the Royal Juniors. Atleast the Royals took the advise of Mr Tharoor seriously and travelled cattle class from Palace to Westminster Abbey! Everyone starting from the pageboys, bridesmaids- (should i call them brideskids?) choir boys, clergy, priests, Cardinals- were shining in new dresses and shoes. Oh, to mention bridesmaids and forget Pippa Middleton's dress? The sister of the bride was a sure dynamite in her Sarah Burton ivory gown, Kate why did you allow her to choose that dress? She looked more stunning than her sister- ahem, Prince Harry did steal a few furtive glances that side! Pippa upstaged her sister again in the evening, that emerald Alice Temperley gown...i am speechless!

The Alice Temperley Emerald shimmer!
The stunning Alexander McQueen of  Pippa:)
Well, so did the pillow fight happen in the evening, Kate? Kate's gown was demure, not such a fashion statement she usually portrays,  but McQueen as well. Probably the laced sleeves and shoulders were attachments after the rehearsal! And the soft angora covering her strapless second wedding dress? Kate has become Royal after all and covering up seems to be the priority. Wedding is not all about designer gowns, clutches and parties. Better ask the Spencers, Katie. Di looked more impressive, more fresh and lovely in her meringue gown and 25 foot train. Look how the wedding to a Royal changed her-
Lady Di, seated alone in Taj on a visit to India,1992. She was estranged then
and split up the same year.
The smile with which the I do part of the wedding was done was sure stunning, but we shall see how life of a Commoner to a Royal will work out. The string of Royal Exes seems staggering on both the sides- Willem Marx, Rupert Finch on Kate's side and ....sigh...shudder...i may need a long line for William's list- Davina Duckworth-Chad, Rose Farquhar, Jecca Craig, Arabella Musgrave, Olivia Hunt, Isabella Calthorpe...Will is known to be notorious for his roving eye, probably inherited from his Dad! The relationship between Kate and Will had been tumultuos all these years- innumerable break-ups and patching-up. But how will things work out after the wedding is to be seen. Will might need some help from his Arab allies, probably...wink...wink...
The Royal Couple.

As for the average British taxpayers- Don't worry dears, the Royal Wedding has been paid for from Windsor's coffers, not your money. Oh, did i forget something here? 65 cents of every pound collected as tax ends up in Windsor's Coffers! Shall we sing the British National Anthem as a fitting tribute here? God save the Queen...

Who will save the tax payers burned butts? Sare jahan se achcha...!!!


  1. Interesting write up. We could end up discussing a Royal Indian wedding in case prince rahul gets married. Who knows, there might even be a live telecast for us folks!

  2. Dear Swapna, thanks for your visit and comment:)Sure we shall discuss Indian Royal Wedding..But let Raul's Mamma choose a bride first:P Going at this rate, i wonder if Raul could ever reach the altar;)

  3. hehe dats a lot of research dere!
    neat n classy....made fr a gud read :)

  4. So the argument bet divide of wealth bet ULTRA RICH and EXTRA POOR is vast . and our comrades (In tamil they call thmselves as THOZHARKAL).there is lot of weightage in their claim to bridge the gap i it to the lady (who is at her 8 months appointed in a hospital wit all pain and no-one to take her for 4 hrs".at the end what happened i donno..

    whats the quatum of USD whic is employed in to the ceremony ... any idea??

  5. Thanks for your comment dear Sadiya:)))

  6. Dear Anonymous, the RICH POOR divide is gaping wide as usual. It was there during our forefathers' time, our parents' time and now it lurks behind our own eyes. God knows when people will live equally- with a market driven economy, FIIs flooding our markets and irresponsible politicos, we can hope for NOTHING.

  7. Love the dresses, simply beautiful.

    wish them the best and believe it would work out because Kate is one strong-willed woman...for her to wait for 9years to get what she wanted shows endurance.

  8. Dear Ibhade:)Thanks for your first comments in my blog:) Lovce having you here. Yes, 9 years is a very long time to be waiting, but when it is the British Crown, you sure can wait:P

  9. Hey Cloudnine, on the way, you din't forget to give a lash to Kanmadi! What an imagination! Do you really need a Royal shoe worth L12,000 to slam Kalmadi? An old beta shoe is sufficient


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