Saturday 26 March 2011


The name Ramaswamy is such a common name in Tamilnadu that if you stop by a bus terminus and call Ramaswamy, atleast ten are sure to turn their heads! I always hated the Ramaswamys, Subramaniams and Mohameds simply because there were so many. The very first Ramaswamy i marvelled at was "Cho" Ramaswamy. His sense of timing and humor he depicted so fluidly in movies was a stark contrast to the intellectual " Cho" the author of Thuglaq. I loved reading his satires for and against the various politicians of different times. His undying love for JJ was something i could not comprehend those days and he still is successful- confusing me.
Cho Ramaswamy
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The next Ramaswamy i love to talk in detail is our very own "traffic" Ramaswamy- The PIL man! Nope, he is not a quack, he is Public Interest Litigation Specialist. Our "Traffic" shot to fame in the 90's, when he volunteered to regulate traffic in Chennai and rose to stardom when he litigated to remove unauthorised buildings and encroachments in Chennai. it was during one such a case was he attacked and is now partially blind. Just imagine, partially blind, aged 75, disowned by own family, kith and kin, this lone warrior struggles to uplift the life of Chennaiites. If not for "traffic" Ramaswamy, there wouldn't have been free side walks in Chennai and T.Nagar wouldn't be simply motorable this day. There are so many threats to his life that he is now given a 24 hour State security. He is accompanied by an armed Policeman all the time.

I had great respect for him, until i read in today morning's newspaper that he has filed a PIL against Election Commission, asking EC to curb freebie announcements by political parties. He says they amount to bribing the voters. So sad! My dreams were filled with mixers, grinders, fridges, washing machines and 40 grams gold- all freebies announced by various political parties. All my dreams came tumbling like a pack of cards today Mr Traffic Ramaswamy. What did we poor people do to you? Let the parties come out with many such announcements, let them distribute what they stole from us, back to us.
"Traffic" Ramaswamy
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Retrospectively, on a deeper plane of thinking, i find "traffic" Ramaswamy and "Cho" Ramaswamy as two gentlemen of an erstwhile era where life was not so complicated. They belong to a different breed of human beings that are endangered now- the species that speaks out the truth and stands its ground for the truth. I sincerely feel we learn a little from "traffic" who contests in Thiruvarur constituency against the Tamilnadu CM- Mr Karunanidhi, simply to enlighten the urban voters on 2G scam. It would have been better if the youth today had the grit, determination, courage and dedication both these Ramaswamys possess. Is that too much to ask?


  1. These two people are my favorites too, especially Cho, but I can't understand how he can support Jayalalita for she is as corrupt as any other politician. One thing to her credit during her time she did away with Veerappan, a feat that was considered impossible by many.
    Cho has such a versatile personality.
    I wish JJ had not buckled in and offered all the free items for the voters, if she had not at least people would have respected her, it is going to be the same drama enacted again and again, like serials on the repeat mode.
    Are you in Chenai, are you having a good time?

  2. I agree wt u 100% on both ramasamis.atleast for ppl livin like him and some real verteberates likes 1.T.N.Seshan, 2.N Vittal(former CVC), 3.the prsnt supreme court Body;;; our family (ies) owned democratic sys survives (instead of slippin to dynasty rules for wish of Indra,Alagiri,Farook abdulla etc)

    these 2 ramsamy hav nthing to loose
    1. Cho's publishing of Tuglaq is even outsourced..
    2.where as other media barons cant behave so.. for their need of govt ads.

    coming to free bies.. i have something to comment on ppl; of TN
    1.2001 assembly polls is an elctin in whic DMK should have won for its clear slate rule.. but punished bcaz of GKMoopanar wnt to Jaya camp.
    2.2006 is an elec in whic Jaya should have won for her clear slate rule .. but she lost against MK's free bie announcemnts. and me can talk of construction of dams,etc and etc .. but how to attract masses Vote.(free bie in election manifests hav bcome like kutthu songs in tamil/hindi cinemas of 1980s).
    4.iam afraid free bies are here to stay atleast for next 10-15 yrs

  3. Dear Rama, Thanks for your visit and comment. Cho is my all time favorite, but his blind support for JJ is what irks me. Yes, JJ must have refrained from the freebies, atleast she would have retained some honour. Unless she rids her UPS, she is not going to be a better leader. I am enjoying Indian summer right now, but am based in Tiruchy:)

  4. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your visit and comment. I agree with what you say on freebies, they are making the common rural man a weak, lazy irresponsible human being, but the freebies are here to stay! And hahaha for your comment comparing freebies to kuthu songs;)

  5. Thanks a lot for your visit and comment dear Meera!


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