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Open the door- let the Swamis in...

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Lingam straight out of Premananda Swami's mouth!

India is one strange country, ask any foreigner they will sure give you a mental picture of God-men, snakes and snake charmers. I do not find any difference between the first two! The list of God-men and the entire list of criminal and civil cases they land themselves in-  we have lost count. Swamis and Gurujis offer a variety of 'services' starting from 'healing' to 'Enlightenment'. Our women always have the love for all Swamis, sadly most of the Swamis reciprocate that love with lust! We all ardently followed Swami Premananda @ Prem Kumar right from his 'deception' to his death. This Godman was not someone ordinary, he could 'manifest' lingams from his mouth on Mahashivarathris. Aptly termed Lingodhbhava, the lingams simply emerged from his Holy mouth and then came the Maha Vibhuthi! Widely publicised to have healing powers, i wonder why they failed to come out after his arrest and later on why these healing powers could not save the Godman from his own death or two life imprisonment sentences for one count of murder, several of rape. Poor Premananda! If only he had known his end, he would have saved some Vibhuthi and Lingams for himself. Now that we know he is the most unselfish Guruji we have ever seen...This Mahashivarathri brings special memories of the Lingam Special Premananda Swami.

Picture of Shri Nithyananda Swami in his website, depicting him as-
you know who!
  The next pro in this line would be the face that millions across the globe have seen with actress Ranjitha. Our Nithyanand Swami topped google's most wanted for a whole month when the videos made headlines. Probably people wanted to have a good look at his face which the video missed;) His Miraculous touch and heal technique came at a hefty price. But probably he ended up on the wrong side, paying the bulk amount for his touch and heal treatment of Ranjee dear;) March 2 is Religious Freedom Day for Swami dear and his nuts devotees who are on a hunger fast to stop the Religious Persecution of him. I was an ardent fan of his series "Open the door, let the breeze in" published in a Tamil weekly. But when Swami dear closed the door after letting in Ranjee, police barged into the Ashram! I was mortified watching the scandal video aired again and again by SunTv ( courtesy!) Having seen pictures of Nithya sitting peacefully on tiger skin it was more than shocking to see him jumping in his bed;) Well, what transpired within four walls between two mutually conniving humans is none of our business. But there is a saying preach what you practise. Lecturing others to follow brahmacharya and meditation, what was the Swami doing in the confines of his Ashram? Life bliss??? And i almost choked laughing when Nithya told the CID after his arrest that he was not a 'man'. He also requested a potency test to prove that he was not a man. EEWWWWWWW! So Ranjee dear, what were you doing with a NO man??? After a year in prison, now Swami dear is on the prowl again, scott-free, spreading Life Bliss.

There are scores and scores of such queer Swamijis, starting from Nithyananda to Natyananda. We simply refuse to learn the lesson. There is Amma in Melmaruvathur...i wonder how you call a man Amma! Then there is Kalki Annai in Nemam...Here the Annai is a husband and wife duo! There is Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, the 'hugging saint'! One wonders soon we will have Kissing Saint, Smooching Saint, Sleeping Saint! The only connection between all these God men and women is that they have HUGE volumes of wealth at their disposal, their Ashrams are not the simple hay huts, they are literal Palaces catering to devotees all over the world. The Trusts of all these Ashrams run numerous schools, colleges and some even have deemed universities. These multi millionaire Swamis and Swamins prowling the streets of India are too dangerous for our women. Unless the average Indian housewife detests and shuns these mushrooming Swamis, there is no hope for us...Till then, "open the door...let the Swamis in;)"

Image Courtesy- Respective Swamis' own websites:)


  1. I accept all ur claims on false gurujis...resultin out of ignorance of some sect of hindu population..
    How ever did u think what SUN TV did on tat day (airing again and again) was of any social concern or their own TRPs. also i was thinkin tht they may have some personal quarrel (SUNTV and NITTY) on some property or money transaction.
    Also thre ar some real swamijis who wrk fr socail concern ... EESHA, Vedthiri.., Ramakrishna mutt... to mention a any industry u wll find Black goats. Spirituality too is no exception.

    Add to How did u forget to mention( U Too) Fr.Rajaratinam Head of Prestigiuous St.Joseph college,TRy accuseed of.., which was hidden frm media exposure to an gr8 extent..
    two yrs back there wasa school run by RC Mission at salem... (Fatima school i suppose).. a gal of grade 8 or 9 was found dead in school well. enquiry was nt conducted at all and the issue itself was burried totally..
    And there was a governor named TIWARI at AP state... who was caught in such an issue... at the age of 78.
    I think the line connects these ppl were
    1.V V good food
    2.V good living style..
    3.No Life pressure s of a human man..

    how ever CORPORATE SWAMIJis maintain themselves to get media attention.. (whic even real swamijis fail at times ).
    so its ppl responsibility to find whom to trust and not to..?
    ( if some of my opinions , You wer not happy wit... pl del and post)

  2. I totally agree with what u say here Anonymous, but i have dealt with in detail about Fr Rajarethinam in my previous post called "Amen" which talks about such idiocies in Catholic Church. I did not want a repetition here, thats all. As for good swamis you are talking about, i dont agree with you...All swamis are good, until they are exposed as bad and their actions laid bare;) and to comment spirituality as a business, i agree now with you! Its indeed a business:)

  3. Though there are many who deceive people and make a fast buck, name and fame but there were and are, a lot many unknown, unheard-of ppl who serve the humanity - those who have given up family life and the worldly pleasures in an effort to serve others. Agreed that a few earned bad name for the robe they were wearing that shouldn't be taken to generalise on the entire group (I meant your saying that the entire group is dangerous for our women)(May I also request you not to make personal comments on persons against whom something is not proven and more particularly those comments which makes fun of them. The last para of yours. Though I don't personally know or follow any of them, its a request to keep you out of trouble).

    We can only bring to light what the truth is, but its their (prospective victim's) HOPE which makes them fall prey to the false people and HOPE is something which can't be denied or guaranteed. So lets HOPE for the best...

  4. Dear vijayan, thanks a lot for your positive criticism. I know you mean me well, but i would like to call a spade a spade. I don't generalise all Swamis, but all i say is the majority of them are dangerous. Its nice of you to bring Hope here, but my question is, If you cannot connect yourself directly with God, what is the use in asking a Middleman to connect you to him? A la trunk call service to Heaven?;)

  5. Franklin D'Mello5 March 2011 at 23:14

    Dear Cloud Nine,
    Hope you do have bad experiences with these Swamiji's. I don't agree that all the swamijis are bad, you can't just compare all swamijis with prem or Niti.

    I don,t accept your concept "Why can't prem relieve himself from the jail or from Death"? Even Jesus had been asked with the same question, "If you are a God, relieve yourself from the cross" Of course, it has beed decided by God what these rep's to do.

    Of course, I don't want to compare Prem with Jesus, just want to express the concept behind their visit to the earth!

    Do you know, these godmen love their followers, when the love overflows, it ends up in lust with the opposit pole, especially with "dears". What will you comment on Niti, if he does not come under limelite? An Appostle?

    When doors are kept opened, dust, leaves, foreign materials too enter into the room along with the breez, you can't just filter it! It is on your view how you take it!

    When Yoga, meditation, hipnatism dont work to release the pressure, why can't lust do the same, if is for good?

    How will you differenciate a doctor and a godman when they undress the scapegoat for its sake?

    Keep blogging!

  6. Dear Franklin D'Mello, Thanks for your first comments on my blog. I basically agree to disagree with you in all that you say, starting from the comparison of Jesus with Premananda! If you say lust is good if it releases the pressure off a human being, all of us would be animals, not good human beings. Our sexual apparatus is in our heads, unlike the animals where it is elsewhere. Yogis and Swamis are supposed to have attained the stage where worldly pleasures do not affect them. If it affects them, then they are not Swamis anymore! Thanks a lot for your comment:)

  7. Agree with most of what you say, except that the phenomenon of selling spirituality to the misguided for money is by no means limited to India. Televangelism is a huge industry world wide, and equally contemptible IMHO.

    By the way, as a general rule, I love the use of satire to deliver criticism. It's much more effective than writing a lengthy rant chock-full of F-words and references to opponents' mothers, at any rate.

  8. Thanks a lot for your nice comment Abhinav. I too agree with what you say about televangelism...its indeed televandalism;)

  9. Open the door- let the Swamis in...

    God!This post is an example of how important the title of the post is. Very clever spin.

    I don't want to be dragged in controversy. I am positive that nine out of ten swamiji's are fake. And the tenth swamiji has not been found by the media.

  10. Dear Sairam:)Thanks a lot for your visit and first comment here Dude! And i sure love your comment- "tenth swamiji has not been found by the media";)

  11. This definitely makes great sense to anyone...


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