Sunday, 26 December 2010

Month end Syndrome

 I have been postponing writing this post, but many of my friends would agree having suffered from this peculiar disease at some point in life. This disease has many symptoms, starting from high irritation, increased blood pressure, stay-at-home problems and total animosity to shopping and seeing a lady called your wife. The only cure for this hateful disease is Rx M Capsule, immersible in interest.

Most of the time, people suffering from this disease seem absorbed in self- pity, even if a friend says- "Hey, whats your problem" might seem a personal insult. Friends are very good doctors in donating M Capsule, only if they have it! Ironically, all our friends too suffer from this disease at the fag end of the month. Automatically, your wife becomes your Saviour, your own personal Clinical Specialist in curing the disease. I have known of many housewives who lovingly take money from their husband's pockets, not the hundreds or five hundreds but the tens and fives. This money is then saved in the unlikeliest places, starting from chilli jars to empty pickle pots. One of my friends used to save such pocketed money in rice bags. As the rice quantity reduces, the money becomes visible, especially at the fag end of the month. For some, this 'siruvattu kaasu'( money a wife saves unknowing to husband) becomes chits in some gold shops, for some it becomes a saree and in most cases of kind and loving wives, it enters the shirt pockets of suffering husbands at the month end! Magically, this disease vanishes when your pay check arrives in the beginning of the month!!!

Now i would like to know how my friends tackle this tricky issue. Please provide me your feed back-

1. How many of you borrow from your friends?
2. How many of you get the help of your wives?

I am simply curious to know if this Month end Syndrome is analogous to my own disease:)

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