Monday 14 February 2011

Life of Mr Roadside Romeo!

Hi Hi Hi...

I am Romeo! You can see me on busy road junctions, railway station platforms, puffing away dear Dad's bucks as smoke. My favourite haunt is the broken wall or rusty hand rail of platforms. My day typically starts at 6 am when i inspect all rangolis and rangoli makers on my street. The best of rangoli makers ( not the rangolis!) get a wink and a lopsided smile from me. I criss cross my street a couple of times, which is obviously my morning walk or my morning milk walk. Did you notice my demeanor? I dont bathe in the mornings, but with beautifully combed hair and powdered face, i look devilishly ravishing! Fair and Lovely, Fair and Handsome all made a fortune out of Romeos like me, promising to whiten our faces, which never happened so far. But i refuse to stop. My Dad pays anyway, why should i stop? I buy more Fair and Handsome than Colgate. It is not that i dont brush everyday, i brush thrice, i bathe twice. My soap is not Lifebuoy ( why use the brick when i can use Abhi-Ash Lux?), my shampoo is Head and Shoulders. Why should i use All Clear, i want all crowded, especially the buses and trains.

My next road walk is at eight o' clock, to see off school going girls and college goers. This time, i walk them to the bus stop, sit in the side walks chaai stall, sipping garam chaai and enjoy the sight. This is my prime slot, i am indeed busy now checking the buses and the girls! I am in charge of their safe transit, from their houses to the buses, a duty which i am unpaid so far by their dumb fathers. I face stiff looks from brothers and fathers who despise me,but do they ever understand my sacrifice and duty consciousness? Is it easy to sit in chaai stall every morning at eight, sipping a chaai and puffing a fag till eternity? All this i do, for a sideward glance from some angel, either in the bus or a wave from my neighbourhood darlings. I stay on reading newspaper and chatting with friends, analysing serious issues from Indian politics to International Business. Then i go home, for a sumptuous lunch and an afternoon siesta.

Another bath and i am ready for my evening duty. This is to receive all returning girls from schools and colleges. Safely depositing them in their homes, i complete my evening walk. Again its a dinner, some TV, cricket and sound sleep. At times i prefer to travel with my favorite wards hanging on the foot boards of buses and trains, i love to show all theatrics, jumping, running, hanging and grinning. If i get lucky enough, i am rewarded with a smile and i get a little bolder when i pop my first question to the wary girl- " Hello! What is your name?" If there is a response, i am ecstatic! I strike a conversation with her and then on follow her alone, dutifully like the Hutch Pug- " Wherever you go". After a few movies,dinners and a few months, the girlie dear gets engaged to some IT guy with five figure sum and calls me 'bhaiya'. Alas! another relationship goes down the drain. But is that enough to stop me? NEVER! Love never ceases to fascinate me, job interviews seldom click for me.

I start all over again, hopping, jumping, skipping, hanging and grinning. Some day, i may find a job and a true love, but till then, there is no fault trying, right? Practice maketh a man perfect! And i intend to practise till i find that one True Love, destined for me. Till then, it is the same schedule of rangolis, chaai and Helloooooooo what eez your name.....

Dedicated to Mr Romeo on Valentines Day!!!


  1. 1.REally i was goin around the v sml villages encircling our village. i do find ppl neatly dressed( donno to impress whom). their launch pad is Koil-festivals. they call it s KODai..they walk to and fro to impress their dear ones.
    2.Multi Level Mktg cos hadchanged their lives in a big way. they take Motivation and self development classes(likes of MBA ) all for making them to sell AMWAY or BAJAJ ALLAINAZ Insurance. i know u bett know the biz. invest Rs.10 and bring 3 ppl with RS.10 . take comm Of Rs.3/- frm each, and the chain is endless. they easily fall into tat fr those extra2000-3000 earnings..

    3.i was searchin fr some road side Romeos near by ... but i culdnt find one..wit the advent of social n/w s play ground wer check the period of yr column.
    4.also whydid nt mention timepassin Juliets. i have seen many make all their fun with their Boy frd's wallet. frm Ice-cream, shopping at CBE, etc etc....

  2. Thanks for your comment Anonymous! May be i am frozen in time, do you think our small towns miss Romeos these days? I think the tribe still lives happily in cities, for a change, they've upgraded to shopping malls and movie complexes:) Dont look around for them in koil kodai;)And motivation and self development classes in typical southern villages? No kidding;) As for the Juliets, i can dedicate an entirely new post on them, just wait and watch!!!

  3. Motivation and self-dev classes isnot kidding. itis the intro sesiion of AMWAY. there ar 20-25 blue collar and 5-7 White collar wit us. of whic soem 15 and 4 wer in to these MLM . 2 or 3 with high deg interset// others go fr a name sake once or twice in a month.u hve rte pointed out the crowds of shoppin malls,,,

  4. First, Mr.Romeo, you are rocking.. Hmm, I love the point you made about the walk, the activities, the investment, and the lovely play ground.. You are rocking.. Happpy to read this wonderful post on Valentine's Day.. Have a great day with your valentine and family..

    Someone is Special

  5. Hi Someone is Special, thanks a ton for your lovely comment. You made my day:) Glad you read the post on Valentine's Day. Wish u a very Happy Valentines Day too!

  6. Its awesome all of the time to view how folks can compose wonderful stuff about people topics! Thank you and I ve bookmarked you


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