Saturday, 11 June 2011

Love finds a way...

Long time since i have talked about love...So, here is one to long distance love. World has shrunk today, we have advanced from desktops to i-phones. So, how are romantic relationships these days? My friend's sister said the other day- I follow Jesus Christ. Astonished she might end up a nun, i ask her Are you going to be a nun? She gives a Are you insane look and says- Nope, i forgive and forget- forgive myself for dumping him and forget him for the next better dude! Wow, that is some love.

Love birds these days jam skype and yahoo chat lines. Traffic jam online almost suffocates veteran long distance lovers like me! How strong are the bonds of love when love is long distance? STD love is better, you get to meet your partner often, sneak a secret outing, a dinner and a movie. What about ISD? Bad if your mate comes on vacation once in a few months and worse if the frequency is yearly. Your love will not be there when you are sick. A get well soon mail in the inbox which you can open after a week will taunt you. SMS frequencies of one an hour will trickle down to a Good morning darling and a Sweet dreams muuaaaah in a couple of months. You call him to say you have got a promotion and his voice inbox says for the thousandth time Hey! Am attending a meeting. Will get back to you shortly. The bespectacled dumbo of your office who always sits unmoving as a stone will now look a better choice to you!

I wonder how letters and mails can nurture a relationship. Love- long distance can work only if you communicate frequently, only if you are committed to the relationship, only if you put unwavering trust in your partner and only if you throw up ample surprises to stun your partner. There are so many Only-ies that baffle you. Youth these days seem to lack in all these departments and so, i hope long distance love usually fizzles out in a few months. You love to spend more quality time together and that is not possible when the skype cam says Internet connection lost! Smooching smileys never come anyway near the original stolen kisses... And for love these days, no love when there is no coochie coo...

Against all these odds, there are few people who keep the light shining, the fire burning. Distance means so little when someone means so much! I am glad there are some who live life long distance. There are families where fathers hear their babies' first cries over ISD calls. There are sons who narrate their day in school to Dads on yahoo chats. There are wives who spend hours together trying to decipher the nuances of making internet calls to their husbands. Strong commitment and trust peppered with little surprises make these relationships click and i hope Gen next learns to view relationships with renewed trust and commitment. Here is a toast to my long distance love L- Happy 9th Anniversary! I love you! May our love grow by leaps and bounds, courtesy- skype and yahoooooooooo!


  1. aww dats so sweet. i hope he reads it, or u make him read it :)
    distanc mks d hrt grow fonder.
    happy anniversary! :)

  2. You never fail to surprise us.
    Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  3. You never fail to surprise us.
    Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  4. I like the delectable vignettes in your blog on the daily happenings and on life in general.It brings a whiff of fresh air and make one smile

  5. 1.The Film starts wit our sanga ilakkiyam Where Thalaivi longs for her husband who went on a tour for trade. she lasts in despair.. ending up wit PASALAI disease.

    2.The scene switch to our yester years .NRI fathers give ltters to ppl travelling to India..*(who ever it s) and ask thm to post in any location. so i found AIR_MAIL covers posted frm Mumbai or Kolkata.

    3.Scene 3 -SKYPE and Y! messenger

    4scene 4- may be in our kids gen.. Virtual reality and something like tat..

    So the Story is always the same and served in different formats...

    Part II:
    1." if you communicate frequently,"
    2."unwavering trust "
    3."ample surprises"
    4."Strong commitment "

    All these postulates were good and serve not only for long-living couple but Universal.
    ( but pl dont qn him over a mob "will u come for Tea", ).. he may end-up foregoing a tea out of pestering...

  6. Hmm, nice one..happy 9th anniversary

  7. Dear Sadiya, thanks for the wishes:)He has read it already! Blush***

    Thanks for the wishes dear Rama:))) Seems you too love surprises!

    Dear KParthasarathy, thanks a lot for your kind comment. I am indeed happy to bring a few smiles:)))

  8. Dear Anonymous, boy, you have a strange way of thinking, always out of the box:P Sure, got your point- "will you be home for tea" is the worst question L dislikes;)

  9. Thanks for the first comment and visit dear Dayor! Welcome to Cloud nine...

  10. You are so right Nivedita- it is not the physical distance that destroys a relationship- it is the mental one.. you can be together in the same house, sleeping on the same bed and yet be so far away from each other.. it is the people who make a relationship work. Like everything else a relationship also requires effort from both partners. Wish yo ua very happy anniversary and many years of mental togetherness!

  11. God bless gtalk, god bless skype, god bless technology :P

  12. Dear Meera, thanks a lot for your kind wishes. Hope our mental togetherness remains stable in years to come:)

  13. Jeez! am late again! :(

    my apologies sister :)

    LOve, what a sweetness that pervades our entire being...this i pray would continue to be with you and hubby regardless of the distance :D

    p.s...he had read it huh? sweet of both of you...take care sister...xoxo

  14. hi nive...happy 9th anniversery and wish to c many more...

  15. Dear NIveditha...

    Lovely one... Wishes for your long distance love... to come THE LONG DISTANCE.... of Life...

  16. Long distance love makes the heart grow fonder and with Skype it gets deeper.Happy Anniversary! :)

  17. I am little confused, whether to pray God to Bless and maintan your long distance love or to bring your love closse to you!

    However, many more returns of the day,
    East or west, far or close, let the love keep you survive happily!

    Best wishes!

  18. cheers to you both for fighting all the odds and going strong all these years, despite the distance :)

    i guess when the love is true, the miles dont matter!!!

  19. Dear Ibhade, better late than never sister! Thanks for the loving wish!

    Dear Achu, thanks da for the visit, comment and wish:)

    Dear Ramnath, thanks for the wishes mate!

  20. Dear Aynzan, loved your comment, Thanks a ton!

    Dear Janaki, thanks for the wishes, hope i keep the love alive:)

    Dear Tanvi, welcome to my blog:) Thanks for the kind wishes.

    Dear Thinking Cupcake, when love is there, distance vanishes. Thanks for your first visit and comment. Welcome to my bolg:)


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