Sunday, 9 January 2011


I know, the topic would raise many eyebrows, leave alone the spirits;) Saudi Champagne is non-alcoholic beverage that can be refreshing, taken any time.  

Yesterday's dinner was at Shezan Restaurant in Dammam Corniche( a corniche is the beach!). Almost all restaurants here serve Saudi Champagne as a starter. Sipping the fizzing champagne was almost heaven to me, after a long walk through the beach. It is very easy to make, here i share the recipe-

1 apple- cored and thinly sliced longitudinally ( unpeeled)

1 orange- thinly sliced longitudinally ( unpeeled)

A few mint sprigs

1 litre chilled apple juice

1/2 a litre perrier water or sparkling water

Drop the apple slices, orange slices and mint in a pitcher.

Add the apple juice and mix it. Leave it to stand closed for about 15 minutes.

At serving time, add the sparkling water and ice cubes.

Voila, your Saudi non alcoholic champagne is ready!

There is another version, where Indian expats use 7up and soda instead, that too tastes yummy! Especially the apples, after draining the champagnes;)

Try it on a hot summer day and enjoy!

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