Thursday, 14 July 2011

Puppy love!

I seriously don't understand why i chose to write on this! To a puritan soul who once thought Puppy Love synonymous to loving your pet puppy, reminiscing the little titbits of teen life brings a happy warm glow. Ahem! There, i am a puritan, i have declared already...This story happened long time ago, when i was in school, sporting two pig tiny pigtails and a loooooooooong pinafore. Thank God, I was not wearing braces and a funny thick rimmed spectacle. But for sure, I was a dull head when it came to puppy love or calf love. I had heartfelt interest in academics and i excelled in it. As for the other teen 'happenings', i remained totally oblivious to numerous puppy loves blossoming around me.

 Brought up in a typical South Tamil Nadu conservative household by a very disciplined teacher- mother ( how unlucky- I had to tolerate the duo in one!), I was prim and proper. So much that i had transformed into a Tom Boy. I took special antagonism against girlie girls who sat in the last benches, giggled a lot at nothing and bunked classes whenever they could. If there was something i loved the most, it was competing- fighting with the guys whenever i could get the tiniest of the opportunity. I pounced on every occasion to belittle the opposite sex and the Love was indeed mutual! Except for a few overtly mature boys, the others ridiculed and tried to provoke the tiny Tomboy who was like phosphorous out of water!

One fine morning, i was confronted by a boy of my class, with a piece of paper crumpled into a tiny ball in his sweaty palms. He must have thought- Should I or Should i not? a thousand times before he promptly handed over the paper to me. I, all of fourteen years, mistook it to be a prank and got it. Only when i read through the three words scribbled hurriedly on the paper did it dawn on me that it was my first love letter! Dumb head! I deposited the letter promptly to my mentor in school. The puppy love stricken guy was beaten black and blue. Poor guy. I really feel so sorry for him now and would ask for his forgiveness if i ever met him again. The raging hormones in pre teens can do funny flip flops and can make you go insane with infatuation. Sad, these Tom boys arrive late at the puppy love station! By the time they arrive, the last train would have left with the X mark at the back...

Do all these puppy loves die a silent death? Definitely no. There are some who settle down with their puppy love partners. But how come you wake up every morning, dreaming of the same ol' face for decades, starting from your teen age, is something i can't comprehend. I read somewhere- Puppy love will lead you to a dog's life! Years later, when after innumerable match making attempts, i met L, strange things indeed happened, Yes! I was very much infatuated, to the man destined to waste(!) his life with me. Every furtive glance we stole, every word that was said, every tingling touch- ahhhhhhhh! Love came a bit late, but boy, it was not puppy love. It was something destined to last a life time, or so i believe.

What is your take on puppy love? I would love to have some feed back on some puppy love you came across or you heard of...


  1. hehe awwww. i feel so bad fr d guy.
    u kno wat!
    he mus hav told dis exct same story to his frns n referred to u as d mosttt dumb grl ever! :P

    puppy love i think may wrk out fr only abt 1 in 10000 ppl n dat too against all odds so keepin in mind all d struggl dey wud hav gone thru to get to whr dey did, im sure dey'd mk an effort fr it to last fr life :)

  2. You know why u remember all these moments you shared with your husband? because it was your first love. Yes, all these puppy love lives in the hearts of people who treasured it, no matter you live together r not!

  3. Poor Guy!!!!How could you be soooo dumb :P
    Okie! Look whos talking! I have done the same!
    Puppy Love dies without any trace..but sometimes it just grows and you get stuck for life :P
    Lovely read

  4. I had a senior who looked like a brave man. He knew how to talk. But then one fine day, his classmates told me that he had once complained of a little girl while he was a little boy, that she had proposed to him.
    Rest, all I know is of crush drained out, flush. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Dear Sadiya, sure, he must have told the whole wide world that i was the dumbest girl he ever met:P And yes, puppy loves seldom develop into successful marriages...

  6. Dear Anonymous, may be my husband is my first love:) And yes, first love is always something every one will treasure in their heart!

  7. Hey Redhanded...look who is talking...LOL!!! Thanks mate, we both are lucky not to have been stuck:P

  8. Dear Blasphemous Aesthete, crush drained, flushed....Do i feel any hurt here? sniff sniff*** LOL!!! Thnaks for the comment yaar.

  9. I loved your taking us down the memory lane. Most of us go through this phase in life.

  10. That was such a sweet post. Puppy love is an inevitable part of growing up. Our Indian culture does not allow teenagers to go beyond love letters ( thankfully). You are right , like boys the tom boys arrive last at the station of pupppy love. I have one at home and I am so grateful for all her thirteen year old innocence when it comes to relating to boys!

  11. Dear Rama, thanks for the visit. Glad you enjoyed the trip down the memory lane!

  12. Dear Meera, thanks for the comment and visit. Be happy you have a Tomboy at home. They are more intelligent, practical and down to earth. Mark my words, she will be a GENIUS some day!

  13. I think puppy love is just so pure and innocent.

    There are no games, no hidden agendas, just the heady rush of hormones, and that's what makes it so sweet and pleasantly memorable.

  14. Awwwwwww Mimi, you touched all the correct points, puppy love remains a faded distant memory,that is bitter sweet!


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