Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Glass Slippers

At the stroke of midnight, her train arrived. Her senses prevailed and clutching the wailing infant, she waited with bated breath . Her memories whistled past, as the train thundered plundering her senses. She could feel the heat, the hot wheels scratching the cold iron.

Like him and her. Hot and cold. Fire and ice. Two people who should have never met. Who should have never exchanged vows. She wouldn't be here, if she knew he was not destined for her. If only she knew...If only she had known...If only she understood fairy tales never happen in life. Never did she wildly imagine this would happen. A ghost of a smile escaped her lips as she remembered the first day she set eyes on him- her own Prince Charming. 

An innocent salesgirl was no match for him. The first time she saw him, he was wandering through the supermarket, his look pensive, his brows knit together in an uneasy frown. He looked almost lost. As dutiful as ever, she had walked to him and asked- " Sir, what would you like to buy?". He turned to her with a calculated cool, his eyes sizing up her slender frame. Plain appreciation filled his eyes and he let out a low whistle. She could feel blood drumming in her ears and could hear her heart beat fast. This was no ordinary man. One look at him, she knew he was rich...filthy rich. Her brain sent her warning signals which she chose to ignore. And pay she did for her mistake, with her life.

He left the shop happy, whistling and bright. His idea of waiting for his new girlfriend to finish her dance classes, at the nearby supermarket was indeed the best one he had for years.  He loved the salesgirl, she had that air of innocence around her. Huge eyes set wide apart, slender figure, petite and luscious lips, she looked angelic, even in her uniform. He started visiting the shop almost every day, hunting for trivia. Ignoring all warnings from friends, she awaited eagerly for him. 

He started wooing her, showering her with gifts. Dresses, perfumes, bags and slippers...she remembered one particular slipper that almost resembled a glass slipper. Reminded her of Cinderella. She had always imagined herself as Cinderella, since she read the fable in her school days, wishing some Prince would come for her some day. She had ignored her parents' advice, stuck to him like a nail to a magnet and ended up pregnant- one fine morning. When she announced she was pregnant, he was quite taken aback. God, he hadn't thought of that. A baby? That sounded confusing at first.

He thought a lot, spent time weighing the advantages of being 'taken' and decided to go for it. His parents had been pestering him for a daughter in law and an offspring would be an added advantage, he mused. The wedding was a fairy tale, with thousands of guests, flashy cars, glittery jewels, expensive clothes and gourmet food.All that it lacked was 'love' from him. May be he is quite busy with the wedding, she thought. May be he will be normal soon, she hoped. Everything went on a nosedive the moment they were alone. Sensing her nervousness, he held her hands and said-" I married you just to rid of the 'villain' tag. Expect nothing from me. You will be fed well, clothed and accessorized in finery, go by flashy cars. But you are never my equal. I love women. Loads and loads of them. I just want to be free. So long as you remain within your limits, we both shall be happy".

She blinked away silent tears, tried to shake her head and clear away everything like a dream. She was Cinderella. She had everything- cars, jewels, servants, money and even the glass slippers. The clock chimed twelve as he turned away from her and she stood shaking like a leaf. Pooh! Everything had vanished in a cloud of dust. She had everything, but not 'love'. She remained distant, dreaming in her own world. She hated seeing people, stayed indoors, singing softly and whispering words of love to the yet to be born little one. And when the little daughter was born, he was away partying. He was now a total stranger, who had few words for her and the little one. 

It had been one year, since she had met him. August 14...she thought, as a forlorn smile lit her face. Tomorrow...she will be free. As everyone in the country. She had gained strength. The little one's first smile had done wonders to boost her strength. 

The train rattled away as she sat near the window clutching the child. Stars lit up the night sky, clearing the darkness. A silvery moon shone from the dark clouds. She looked at the blissfully sleeping little girl in her arms- her little Cinderella. May be her little girl will own a glass slipper someday...May be the little one will find 'love' someday.
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  1. 1.the story seems more of a narration of a life of woman living alone..(not a conventional story telling method)
    2.the author hadnt cleared why our hero prefr to stay away frm her woman..
    3."villain" - had never turned towards her..>>?
    4. a nice narration of a forced marriage.
    5. wat does tat "GLASS SLIPPERS" - intrinsically mean...does it mean,, tat looks good.. but do nt help the user??

    1. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous;)
      1. Yes, true.
      2. That is because he loves being wild :P
      3. Yes.
      4. Thank you.
      5. It just indicates life is not so rosy for everyone like Cinderella and her glass slippers. Her Prince found her out using the lost slipper, not everyone finds a happy life...

  2. Very apt and wonderful title
    The story is beautifully written bringing out the gullible nature of the sales girl.The ending was sad but a right one.I hope she will find her true love soon

  3. Nice one! So many of them get carried away. Well depicted and hope she is lucky soon.

    1. Thank you, Krupaa. Hope she is lucky the second time :)

  4. I am hoping she will find her true love :)) Amazingg story

  5. Lovely story. Moving away from her past was the only solutions.
    At least, he didn't ill treat her, he just wanted his freedom while he also told her to live as happily as she could in his house.
    How many married couples are truly happy, but they seem to be living together, leading their own lives. Even if she had opted to stay it would not have been very wrong. Well, that is my feeling.

    1. Rama...very nice and interesting perspective. Neglecting someone is the worst punishment in a relationship...That is my feeling :) Thanks for the comment.

  6. Blessings....
    interesting story, thanks for sharing.

  7. I have been meaning to read this ever since I saw that link on FB. Lovely!!!! I admire Cinderella's courage. One does not need those step sisters - the so called prince can also be a villian!!!

  8. Every girl dreams herself as Cinderella,very well narrated.


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